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Collaterals of climate change

Air crashes, the Vairaggeio train blast and hotspots in June 2009 traced to electrical load demand: A Plausible scientific Hypothesis
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Update time = Fri May 11 11:56:50 UTC 2012

10 bodies found near Indonesia plane crash site

Mount Salak (Indonesia), May 11, 2012, (AP)
 Search teams found at least 10 bodies today near where a Russian-made jetliner crashed into the side of an Indonesian volcano while on a demonstration flight for potential buyers from airlines, an official said.
A fact culled from such reports of the tragedy is:"The Superjet took off from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon for its second demonstration flight of the day. It disappeared from radar screens and lost contact with ground controllers about 20 minutes later after requesting permission to descend to 6,000 feet from 10,000 feet over the mountainous terrain of West Java."
This seems to be typical of aircrashes which have lost autopilot control and the control has been given to manual because of ambiguous readings from two airspeed meters in these days of giant surges of forces applied by sudden changes in the cumulative simultaneous contents of the world's dams due to demands of modern civilization on a routine basis. See Collaterals of Climate Change by googling for the same. The dynamics of dams were in the process of redistributing applied surges of water moments at various points on the earth as can be observed from earthquakes at the time of the crash on 9th May 2012 around 721 UTC. There was an earthquake in North Indian Ocean at the time of the crash:
4.5    north indian ocean    2012-05-09 07:30:38    4.796°N    87.852°E    10.0
This must have given a such a twist in Bogor on the earth as to cause a sudden change in the electric charge  difference between the plane body and the earth there. The investigators must study the facts like these and convert them to valuable information, because of several crashes involving mountains in Indonesia and elsewhere in sudden storm conditions, induced by dams on a regular basis(climate change).

May 6 2012: Punjab Mail derails.
Rohtak, May 6, 2012, 26 injured as Punjab Mail derails in Haryana IANS
Location: Sampla: 28.7760,76.7702 time 4AM IST on 6 May 2012
After the Railway has come to a conclusion as to what caused the derailment of the Punjab Mail, and after they have concluded that it was not due to sabotage, there remains the precautionary principle which must be invoked in favour of a plausible cause: Rail track distortion(300 meters perhaps damaged  as reported by a TV channel) due to the gigantic effects of the World's dam content change at the time of the surge applied at the tracks( perhaps 2230 hrs utc on 5th May2012 when the dams's surges of water moment waves were readjusting from the following two quakes:
2012-05-05   23:06:52.010hr 14min ago    31.48     S      68.93     W      95    4.4     SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA
            2012-05-05   22:24:23.710hr 57min ago    38.71     N      43.44     E      16    2.3     EASTERN TURKEY
Latest quake in this longitude(3.6 MM):
06/05/201205:42:5932.4°N76.3°E053.6DISTT CHAMBA, HIMACHAL PRADESH
Total number of fires detected : 166
 29.251  76.966    2012-05-04    05:20    331.2   84    1.4  1.2    T    5.0    312.0    22.0 
 31.299  75.85    2012-05-04    05:20    339.9   90    1.7  1.3    T    5.0    309.3    68.7 
 31.302  75.844    2012-05-04    05:20    337.7   88    1.7  1.3    T    5.0    309.2    60.6 
 31.3  75.862    2012-05-04    05:20    327.9   81    1.7  1.3    T    5.0    309.6    26.6 
 31.081  74.269    2012-05-04    05:20    327.6   48    2.2  1.4    T    5.0    311.1    30.3

Total number of fires detected : 135
 30.883  76.017    2012-05-05    06:05    328.9   82    1.6  1.2    T    5.0    309.7    27.2 
 30.321  78.74    2012-05-05    06:05    313.4   39    2.5  1.5    T    5.0    299.0    35.3 
 30.4  76.838    2012-05-05    06:05    323.7   72    1.8  1.3    T    5.0    308.5    20.0 
 30.412  76.419    2012-05-05    06:05    321.7   74    1.7  1.3    T    5.0    293.9    25.5 
 30.62  74.783    2012-05-05    06:05    331.9   84    1.4  1.2    T    5.0    311.9    23.9

Total number of fires detected : 32
 25.872  78.117    2012-05-06    05:10    332.3   83    1.6  1.3    T    5.0    314.1    22.9 
 30.664  74.309    2012-05-06    05:10    320.6   70    3.5  1.8    T    5.0    300.2    53.4 
 30.67  74.302    2012-05-06    05:10    321.2   74    3.5  1.8    T    5.0    299.7    59.9 
 30.2  75.788    2012-05-06    05:10    326.5   80    2.7  1.6    T    5.0    302.8    56.7 
 30.197  75.78    2012-05-06    05:10    328.2   81    2.7  1.6    T    5.0    303.3    68.2

This is precisely the reason why my research shows that the nuclear parks of the world are in imminent danger of explosions created like this and the reactors in India are no exception. Fukushima happened like this and also Kashiwasaki Kariwa.Be forewarned!

Date: 5th July 2009

The Hypothesis:
The Air France AF 447 A330 Airbus crash of June 1, 2009, the Yemeni Airbus crash of June 30, 2009 and the June 30 Viareggio,Tuscany LPG fright carrier train derailment and blast have been caused by hotspots. These persistent hotspots are generated by persistent simultaneous electrical load demand across many longitude bands, notably the -20 to 0 to 50 longitude bands. These cause many many hydrogenerators to respond by surges of water withdrawal from reservoirs behind dams to meet the gargantuan cumulative surge waves. These cause surge waves of water pressure heads to appear at the centers of gravity of water masses behind dams worldwide. These water pressure head surges measure hundreds of kilometers every second. These surge waves of changes in pressure appear as enormous surge waves of bending stresses and shearing forces at the two sides of faults worldwide. See
See also FIRE RESOURCE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Fire Alert for June 1, 2009. Type FIRMS in google search and in the FIRMS website get this address
for the latest hotspots.
Please paste these URLs to the address bar to view these URLs.

The swarm of hotspots on 1st June 2009 in South America caused significant beyond design basis pressure differences between moisture laden air masses in the Atlantic and low pressure areas overland. Winds at high speeds were generated and stormy weather prevailed. This was to the left of the aircraft. To the right of the aircraft again enormous pressure differences prevailed between the moisture laden air masses in the Atlantic and the hot low pressure areas in Africa where another swarm of hotspots was persisting and is to this day. See global hotspot map for June 1, 2009.The pitot tubes on the two sides may have therefore indicated these speeds in opposite directions.
The aircraft might have had to go beyond design basis envelope to cope with this state. Uncertain control might then have resulted in the crash(0213 hrs GMT on June 1 2009 at 3.5,-30.5). There is evidence to show that the earth was heated and the rocks melted at the fault line near this location as an earthquake had occurred nearby on 31st May 2009 at 004702.28 hrs at 4.55,-32.57,4.8MM,10km.
The hotspots intensified and bulged more and more in Africa and in Madagascar as the hotspot map derived from FIRMS data shows. See hotspot map for 30th June 2009, when the second Airbus crash occurred at 0250 GMT, a Yemeni Airbus. The situation was similar to the Air France crash of June 1,2009 except that it was between West Africa and Madagascar and was approaching to land at Moroni, Comoros Islands.

 See also:
My comment:

"If the captain had stayed in position through the Inter-tropical
Convergence Zone, it would have delayed his sleep by no more than 15
minutes, and because of his experience, may be the story would have
ended differently," chief investigator Alain Bouillard was quoted as
Again: The real reason the plane stalled may have been due to the stormy conditions which caused the turbulence above the plane which literally pushed the plane vertically down to hit the sea. In this connection it is worth noting that the power impulse input into the turbulence may have been of the order of one lakh terawatts due to surge waves initiated by the reservoirs behind dams of the world.
See Table below for details:

There was one more accident, this time involving an LPG fright train in this same longitude band namely 0-50. At 00:38:10 hrs at 42.569,13.198 at a depth of 10 km an earthquake measuring 3.4 MM occurred and this was preceded by the rear wagon of the fright train jumping the rails at midnight 29 June 2009 and 30th June 2009 as it was approaching Viareggio station in Tuscany: 43.87,10.26.A slight displacement of the rail tracks significant to cause the jump might have occurred, what with a series of earthquakes in its neighbourhood in April, May and June,2009. Of course the 6.3 MM earthquake at 43.5,13.5, Central Italy killed many people. The quakes thereafter continue to this day.
The correlations with the monsoon rains on the India subcontinent is significant as we proceed to investigate the disasters in July 2009 as well:
The air crash in Iran that occurred on 15th July 2009 may be due to similar cause. The Delhi(Laxmi Nagar) and Mumbai(Saki Naka) Metro Bridge collapses of 12th July 2009 and 13th July 2009 respectively, the 15th July 2009 C130 Indonesian cargo plane crash and the 19th July 2009 Kandahar air crashes may be similar in their root cause. See the rainfall surges all-India from 12th July 2009 to 16th July 2009 in Figure AIR2009 and the consequences in Figure1AircrashIRAN15709. The disasters plotted on an earthquake map for the period 1.1.2008 to 23.7.2009 catches the culprits red handed -the earthquakes! The crashes all occur at quake hotspots! See Figure Q4. The Air France 447 crash occurred for example almost at the location where a shallow earthquake had occurred on 31st May 2009:
2009,05,31,004702.28,  4.55, -32.57,4.8, 10.

That an impulse function weather surge at
the quake clusters where 
all the air crashes indicated
have occurred is a plausible cause for
the aircraft to have gone
beyond the design basis control
envelope.It has rained heavily from 19th to at least 22 July 2009
and the surge has again resulted in a jolting of the
fault lines causing an impulse
weather condition and probably has resulted on 24th
July 2009 3.66 hrs UTC a helicopter crash in Frederick
County, Maryland. Notice that this is
near Buffalo and is at the location of the (Buffalo)
cluster of earthquakes. See the
latest rainfall picture at
for the jolter of faults.

for a diary of the earthquakes.
So we come finally to the single cause of the disasters: Electrical load demands summed up over several countries cause surge waves of bending moments and forces to appear at faults throughout heavily dammed regions which cause the persistent occurrence of the hotspots and so on in a positive feedback system causing tremendous heating up of the earth, which is continually increasing in strength as dams continue to be commissioned to meet the extravagant electric demands caused by extravagant increase in populations caused in turn by the characteristics of modern civilisation..
For a discussion of the displacements that may have caused the great Andaman-Sumatra earthquake and which gives an insight into the land slips-accelerations that may be occurring in Italy and elsewhere see
For an account of the interconnections between earthquakes and cyclones see
For an idea of the genesis of the problems of modern civilisation see
Also see
to get an insight into the pricing mechanisms of modern economics.

Note: This note is prepared in good faith and has to be taken as an aware scientific citizen’s assessment. This does not override any official assessments obviously.

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