Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Major blaze at Pandhalur Tea Factory: Dams may be the cause

13 August 2012, 2330 UTC Monday

Major fire at INDCO tea factory near Ooty

D. Radhakrishnan

A major fire broke out at the Industrial Cooperative (INDCO) tea factory at Pandhalur, about 75 km from here, on Tuesday. No one was injured. The building and the machinery worth several lakhs of rupees were damaged.
A.S. Jaffry, Managing Director, INDCOSERVE, the apex body of the INDCO factories in the district, told The Hindu that the fire was noticed around 5 a.m. The machineries had been switched off and there was no one inside when the blaze broke out. It was extinguished by workers in the vicinity and fire and rescue services personnel from Gudalur. Though short circuit was suspected, the exact reason would be known only after the completion of investigation. The damage was being assessed by insurance and factory officials."
My analysis.
Pandhalur 2330 UTC on 13 August 2012
Location: 11.0804, 76.1697
One possible cause of such frequent blazes is the surge waves of forces and bending moment traveling through the crust of the earth. During the process of moving from one earthquake focal point(Alaska)
to Eastern Turkey (the other earthquake focal point) the surge wave hit the tea factory at Pandhalur and the friction heat on the rocky foundation of the building caused the blaze.
The Alaska Focal point details:

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP 2.5  2012/08/13 23:16:22   59.304  -152.627 70.4  SOUTHERN ALASKA
The Eastern Turkey focal point:(Date,Time,Lat,Long,Depth,Magnitude, Location name
2012-08-13   23:55:03.740.00 N  41.34 E  82.0 EASTERN TURKEY

Note that Pandhalur is located in between these two space and time slots.

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