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Collaterals of Climate Change caused by the world's dams: Fire and Flyover collapse Bangladesh,fire at Kolkata Hospital all on 24 November 2012.

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Analysis of earthquakes and earthquake related events on 24 November 2012

The dams of the world acting through their center of gravity at approximately 27,127 caused a deep focus  earthquake south of Fiji Islands at 030244 UTC. This was followed at 10:21  hours plus later by an earthquake at Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands at 50.246, 179.039. As the water moment surge vector was hunting for another earthquake fulcrum, it caused a fire in a Bangladesh Garment Factory at 14:00 hrs UTC at Ashulia Savar suburb of Dhaka(22.8838,90.3911) and a flyover collapse at Chittagong(

22.3304, 91.8252). Thereafter the water moment surge caused an earthquake in the Caucasus Region, Russia at 14:17:33.8 at 43.41, 44.26. This was followed at 16:25:09.0 by an earthquake in Southern Italy at 39.87,15.98, an earthquake in Banda Sea, Indonesia at 16:26:40 at -6.155,130.585, a  Fire in Kolkata near  the pediatric ward  in the SSKM Hospital at 22.5726, 88.3639 and then an earthquake at 16:37:02.0 in Eastern Turkey at 38.86, 43.58.

Timeline of earthquake related events on 24 November 2012(All times UTC)

4.6  2012/11/24 03:02:44  -26.024  -178.868 494.9  SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS
 3.1  2012/11/24 13:24:24   50.246   179.039 41.6  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
24/11/2012 14:00 Fire in Garment Factory at Ashulia Savar, Dhaka, 22.8838,90.3911
24/11/2012 14:00 Flyover Collapse, Chittagong(22.3304, 91.8252).
2012-11-24   14:17:33.843.41 N  44.26 E  203.5 CAUCASUS REGION, RUSSIA
2012-11-24   16:25:09.039.87 N  15.98 E  92.7 SOUTHERN ITALY
24/11/2012 Around 1630 Fire in Kolkata at State run Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial (SSKM) Hospital near the pediatric ward at 22.5726, 88.3639.
 4.7  2012/11/24 16:26:40   -6.155   130.585 123.6  BANDA SEA
2012-11-24   16:37:02.038.86 N  43.58 E  122.3 EASTERN TURKEY

And then there is this in North Kashmir, India:

Kashmir fire: 46 houses gutted in Pahalgam
Pahalgam is at 34.0161,75.3150.
As the archimedean lever of the water moment surge of the dams passed from the earthquake at Peurto Rico to Dodecanese Islands Greece causing the earthquake in Greece, it caused a massive fire in Pahalgam at 21 hrs UTC on 24th November 2012:
The quake data:
4.4  2012/11/24 21:04:18   36.515   27.908 10.0  DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
MAP 2.6  2012/11/24 20:40:24   18.064   -67.097 6.0  PUERTO RICO
MAP 5.3  2012/11/24 20:28:50   6.461   123.494 600.3  MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES

Factory fire, flyover collapse kill 137 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov 25 (PTI)

Fire at Bengal's largest state-run hospital

The scientific basis of this analysis.
What is common to the antecedents of these phenomena is the cause or may be the cause of the phenomena. The common factor is the water moment surge of the dams.
The fires, or the infrastructure collapse(flyover bridge in this case) are always preceded by and are followed by earthquakes  at longitudes between which the phenomenon is located.
The confidence in the truth of the rule is being strengthened by repeated confirmation whenever these phenomena occur. The phenomena are plausible from basic principles of dynamics as applied to dams.
See Earthquakes Caused by Dams at   

But the story of the interconnectedness of the world's weather systems via the direct heating up effects of the dams in a positive feedback is not complete without connecting what is for example happening in the UK. Note that UK's longitude band is -8.78 to 1.76. 
nov 23 2012 to nov 27 2012  uk floods: UK reports:

Now have a look at the longitude range of the happenings in Bangladesh, India and China mentioned above:
South of Fiji Islands deep focus earthquake on 24th November: Longitude -178.868= -180+1.132.
Now longitude 1.132 falls within the UK!
Next we have the Alaskan quake on 24th November at longitude 179.039= 180 - 0.961 and 0.961 is within UK!
And the fire in the garment factory near Dhaka,Bangladesh has longitude 90.3911 and 0.3911 is within UK!
Flyover collapse Chittagong, Bangladesh was at longitude 91.8252 and  longitude -1.8252 is in UK!
Note the rule for quakes and related events what happens at  longitude x happens at  longitude -x.
The Kolkata Hospital longitude  88.3639 is 90- 1.6361 and 1.6361 is within bounds of UK!
Also a China quake happened on 26th November 2012 at
 4.0  2012/11/26 16:36:54   32.656   88.298 35.0  WESTERN XIZANG
and at
5.5  2012/11/26 05:33:51   40.419   90.374 19.9  SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA
And 88.298=90- 1.702 and 1.702 or -1.702 is within UK longitude band! 
What is happening in UK(floods) are related to happenings triggered by dam surges in related longitude bands elsewhere on the globe during the same time period like earthquakes, fires, infrastructure collapses/damages via the antecedents to these phenomena, namely the cumulative positive feedback effects of surges in dam contents. Dams are persisting in causing the antecedent moments and forces causing climate change, by persistently heating up the earth and influencing changes in weather patterns. 

Similarly see what happened in Konnur:

Fire breaks out in shops near Kannur Railway station

Kannur (Ker),Nov 28, 2012, (PTI) :
A major fire broke out today in a row of shops near Kannur Railway Station, police said.
Six shops were gutted and five partially in the fire, which was noticed at about 4.30 AM. No one was injured.

The analysis:
I suspect contrary to a short circuit, a deeper cause, the root cause: The terrible forces unleashed by surges in the total daily contents of dams because of water consumption by electric demand and other uses. See details by google search at Collaterals of Climate Change. The fire took place at 430 AM IST on 28 November or 23 hrs UTC on 27 November 2012 where IST is UTC+530. See the earthquakes at longitudes left and right of Kannur(11.0803, 75.3762):
2012-11-27 23:30:53. 32.17 S 70.20 W 113 3.0 SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA
2012-11-27 22:44:04. 38.99 N 22.18 E 10 3.5 GREECE
As the archimedean lever from the centre of gravity of the world's dams(27,127) started from the earthquake at Greece at 22:44:04 and was passing Kannur at 2300 hrs it struck the shops at Kannur causing the fire before it caused another quake at San Juan Argentina at 23:30:53. 

And take this on 28 November 2012 in Mumbai:
Mittal Tower building at Nariman Point in Mumbai turned into a gigantic inferno this morning. Suddenly smoke started coming out of the front windows of the fifth floor of the building. The incident took place in an office on the fifth floor of the Mittal Tower building, officials of the fire brigade said.  This happened at 9 AM IST or 330 hrs UTC. The location: 19.0760, 72.8777 
The quakes on the left and right of this longitude at times earlier and later than the inferno are:
2012-11-28   02:43:46.0 39.93 N  16.00 E  3.0 SOUTHERN ITALY

2012-11-28   03:09:49.0 4.50 S  76.12 W  117  5.6 NORTHERN PERU
2012-11-28   03:59:39.0 29.49 S  71.75 W  55  3.0 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE

2012-11-28   05:30:13.0 41.92 N  77.69 E  40  4.9 KYRGYZSTAN

And this on 29th November around 6 hrs UTC:

States » Kerala

Major rail accident averted in Alappuzha

Staff Reporter
A major rail accident was averted in the Ernakulam-Kayamkulam passenger near Alappuzha railway station. The upper part of the bogey had got partially disloged from the underframe as the train was about to halt at Alappuzha station around 11.30 a.m(IST). Eight persons, including women in the bogey were safe. No one was hurt in the incident. Alappuzha is at 9.4981,76.3388.
On the left and right of Alappuzha ( 9.4981,76.3388), the following quakes took place:
2012-11-29   05:54:37.0 27.24 N  55.12 E  5 3.6 SOUTHERN IRAN

2012-11-29   05:41:29.0 21.07 S  170.00 E  88 4.8 SOUTHEAST OF LOYALTY ISLANDS

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