Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let laws be of God for life's sake. Stop nukes and change over to a normal way which returns.


Gas victims to join anti-nuke protest in Kudankulam

TNN | Dec 2, 2012, 02.26 AM IST

One set of people are the victims and the other set are those who will be wiped out -their traditions and way of life will soon be destroyed. The Bhopal victims are expressing solidarity with the Kudankulam protesters who want to prevent us becoming nuclear wastes. How nice it would be if the web of life were not poisoned transgenerationally leading to extinction. The people of Jaduguda must also meet with Kudankulam people because they have become victims of radiation contamination. When I expressed my views on nuclear liability in Deccan Herald I find that malware had been placed in the online paper by a third party courtesy info from an internet management system to copy me from via the newsline website! When nuclear energy programmes consume more than they deliver, where is the rationale to build nuclear fuel cycles? The scam must be nipped in the bud. Even the existing 4780 MW nukes must be shutdown forthwith. Instead of jailing the rulers who are thrusting the nukes on us, the authorities are jailing the people. This is a slave state. Mahatma Gandhi saw through the deception of Clive and Macaulay and Disraeli when he was horrified at the prospect of modern civilization(mc) destroying itself with passage of time. We are seeing crystal clear the machinations of the protagonists of mc in the manifestations as their machines interact with nature. See for example the pathetic tragedy of the Japanese tunnel collapse and fire which charred people and I remark:
This tragedy is in line with a series of serious life and death disasters(for those involved and others who will be in future) caused by dams. Google search for Predicting Earthquakes/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar and check out the unfolding pralaya like situations. The surges induced by the world's dams are traveling around through the earth in surge waves causing earthquakes and related events like infrastructure collapses by a nuclear effect that caused the Fukushima ongoing catastrophe. More Fukushimas around the world are certain to occur because of this phenomenon which has rigid scientific validity. These are all preceded by deep focus earthquakes also triggered by the dams.Dont you dare to steal my work from the computer I am using. Dont make me go to the cybercafe. The 4000 MW  thermal power at 35% efficiency that will be commissioned in North Chennai will not give any electricity to the Kudankulamese. Rather 1000 MW will be theft, 3000MW will go to build nukes! For years! And so on we will forever be short of power as the robbers go on building nukes after nukes, followed by thermals after thermals,followed by hydros after hydros(to enable the grid to supply rapid power fluctuations) but we the society will forever be supplying time, money, labour, capital to the nukes and get ruined into nuclear wastes and extinction. Arise, awake and agitate and with good organisation usher in the new era of luscious mangoes and healthy people and all other life forever. Let laws be of God for life's sake.Om!

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