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Building Collapse in Bangalore on 26 November 2013 due to the World's dams

Building collapse due to the World’s dams in Bangalore 26 November 2013 at 845-945 AM IST:
“The collapsed house was part of a several dwellings in a two-storeyed structure situated atop a godown in the compound. The collapse of the dwellings atop the godown around 8.45 am also led to crumbling down of other houses adjoining the godown, officials said.

While two families occupied the dwellings atop the godown, about ten to twelve people resided in the other adjoining houses that crashed subsequently. Most of the families living in the residential complex were daily wagers, who had left for work in the morning. Or else, the number of casualties could have been higher, a police official added.

Police said that the houses in the compound were about 40 years old and incessant rains over the last two or three days could have caused the collapse.”

The earthquakes between which the building collapsed:

2013-11-26   03:05:38.0            52.91             N              160.39             E              48            4.5       OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA
2013-11-26   04:28:40.61            28.51             N              56.75             E              22            3.5       SOUTHERN IRAN

The distance between the two epicenters: 8354 km.

Location of Bangalore: 12.9716,77.5946

The distance between the Southern Iran  quake and Bangalore: 2791 km.
The distance between the Kamchatka quake and Bangalore is  8354-2791= 5563 km.
The time between the two quakes= 1:23:2.61= 1.3841 hrs.
The time taken by the dam surges to reach Bangalore from Kamchatka quake epicenter is
1.3841x(5563/8354)= 0.9217 hrs.
The Kamchatka quake occurred at 3+ 5/60+38/3600= 3.0939 hrs.
The time of arrival of dam surge at Bangalore= 3.0939+0.9217= 4.0155 hrs
This is about 936 hrs IST. Police in Bangalore have said that the collapse occurred at around 915 hrs IST.  This is good agreement with another TV report which put the collapse at around 945 hrs IST.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jijr6F65T_M

Riga Mall Collapse of 21 November 2013: Surges of the World's Dams the Plausible Cause

Riga supermarket roof collapse
Derived from data in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Riga supermarket roof collapse Riga Maxima supermarket collapse.jpg:
Area of the site on 23 November 2013

Date     21 November 2013
Time     17:41–18:00 PM UTC+2
Location             Priedaines iela 20, Zolit┼źde, Riga, Latvia
Coordinates             56°56′38″N 24°1′3″ECoordinates: 56°56′38″N 24°1′3″E
Cause   Under investigation
Deaths 54
Injuries             39

The roof of a Maxima supermarket located in Zolit┼źde, Priedaines street 20 in Riga, Latvia, collapsed on 21 November 2013 at 17:41 local time. The disaster killed 54 people including three rescue workers; another 39 were injured and received medical attention.[1][2] This was the worst disaster in Latvia since 1950, when the steamer Mayakovsky sank in Riga, resulting in the deaths of 147 people.[3]


Eyewitnesses said that at around 16:21 a fire alarm was set off and there were announcements made that the store should be evacuated. Security personnel verified this to be related to welding construction in the basement and switched off the alarm. It was later reported that the owner of the company which had installed the alarm said that it was designed to detect fire emergencies. He said it is unlikely that the alarm was set off by dust from the roof starting to collapse, as it was set off near water pipes in the basement. The store's security verified that there was no fire and therefore did not carry out an evacuation, but rather treated it as a false alarm and called in a technician to turn it off. The building collapsed shortly after the technician arrived and he was not able to verify why the alarm went off.[11] A board member of "Maxima Latvija" said that security had followed protocol, which was not to evacuate if there was no visible danger.[12] According to some reports the smaller shops in the retail centre, unlike Maxima, were evacuated and closed down.[13]

Earthquakes at the time:
2013-11-21   14:15:22.0            49.14             N              8.16             E              4            2.0       GERMANY
2013-11-21   14:30:13.0            40.52             N              42.50             E              8            2.1       EASTERN TURKEY
Riga Latitude = 56.9496, Longitude = 24.1052
Distance from earthquake in Germany to that in Eastern Turkey: 2842 km.
Distance from earthquake in Germany to Riga: 1368 km.
Time interval between the two quakes: 00:14:51 or 14/60+51/3600 =0.2475 hr
Time interval fro the dam surge wave to pass between the quake in Germany to Riga: 0.2475x(1368/2842) =0.1191 hr =7 m 8.884 s
Time of surge wave arrival at Riga after the quake in Germany: 14: 22:30.884
The fire alarm went off at 1421 UTC
The two times – fire alarm and time of surge arrival differ by 1m 30.884s or by
The belief in the truth of a law increases in direct proportion to the number of favourable instances of the law( of the cumulative effects of dams)
See http://earthquakescausedbydams.blogspot.in

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The World's Dams Caused the Explosion of the Sindhurakshak and Kursk: The Precautionary Principle Applied

Change over from Modern Civilization of Extremes to a Normal Way: The Principle is: Transcending all is the Unknowable.
R. Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
14 August 2013
©  2014  Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
email: ashokuku@rediffmail.com

The Sindhurakshak submarine berthed at the Naval dockyard at Mumbai suffered a major explosion which killed 18 personnel aboard the sub on 2013-08-13 at 185940 Hrs UTC. It also caused damage to another sub berthed there- the Sidhuratna. This may have been a dam related event whereby a massive surge of the World’s dam content Change of 806.5 BCM passed the disaster point at the time the event occurred. See Table DE(Damquake data derived from EMSC lists) :

Right click on the Table to choose to view it in a separate tab.
The only hotspot near the event was on 11 August 2013:
Total number of fires detected : 1
 21.106  72.648    2013-08-11    05:25    311.8   0    2.1  1.4    T    5.0    290.5    23.2 

Note that a media report states that battery charging was completed on 11th August 2013. Is this hotspot indicative of some problem in the battery compartment? 
As the huge dam surge of some 1049 Everest  Mountain heights of water pressure head change at the center of Gravity of the World's dams  hit  the Naval Dockyard, all hell broke loose on the Sindhurakshak, the application of the Precautionary Principle makes us say. It struck the sub when the dam surge was passing from the damquake at Canary Isles to the damquake in the Aegean Sea. Imagine the unthinkable if it were a nuke sub., and that in the Capital City MUMBAI.Battery runaway may have been a consequence of this leading to the explosion(See below however). Of course by a nuclear effect  the ammo and the ship might have exploded.
See by google search The Nuclear Effect in Causing Earthquakes/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar for the phenomenon. See also
But this is the question of lead acid batteries. So thermal runaway may not have been caused. Hydrogen leak and explosion may have been at play. The angle of sabotage of course is being suggested to be studied.
This finally may be the cumulative effect of the World’s dams taken together: Their dynamic disequilibrium is set into play when Modern Civilization meets its water greeds by changing the water withdrawal and input to the dams to meet the sum total of electricity demands and other consumptive needs. This design- the surface water storage as opposed to groundwater storage- is an example of the glaring lacuna in the way modern civilization goes about.
See http://glaringlacuna.blogspot.com
for details.
Bring back the forests ecologically by cooperative efforts by communities and dismantle the dams and centralized methods of meeting specialized needs. Forests prevent climate change and quakes and extremes of rain that dams spawn. The great American Flu Pandemic was caused by dams. See http://stopflowcatchflu.blogspot.com .
Belief in the truth of a law increases in direct proportion to the number of successful occurrences of the law. 
The 26th February 2010 Battery Compartment Fire at Vishakapatnam Navy Dockyard also in INS Sindhurakshak , took place in between two Damquakes, most probably the ones shown inTable DS1:

The ballpark estimate of the Dam Content Change surge is 890 BCM due to the World’s dams and this at the center of gravity of the water masses behind the dams applied at the Sindhurakshak berth's foundation a water moment equivalent to a great earthquake of magnitude 8.9.The heat might have been rapidly conducted up the sub to cause fire in the battery compartment. This resulted in the death of a sailor and injuries to two others.

The KURSK Explosion, Barents Sea, 12 August 2000.
The explosion in the Kursk submarine on 12 August 2000 at 728 UTC  or 72950 UTC was, by the application of the Precautionary Principle, caused by the dam surge wave which was unleashed when a change in Worldwide dam contents of 180 BCM occurred. The surge wave of water moment of 946 x10^19.05 Nm equivalent to a great damquake magnitude of 8.65 hit the sub after the dynamic disequilibrium transient started when a damquake occurred at 7:25:40.45  UTC(Table KURSK). The small engine of the HTP torpedo might have been started by the dam surge when it hit the Kursk sub.

The Kursk and the Sindhurakshak both are of the same vintage(1997). Thus were the torpedoes HTP type?
In both there were two explosions.  Was the second explosion in Sindhurakshak after the same time period after the first(135 seconds)? Of course Kursk is a nuke. But HTP type torpedos may be a common factor.

The INS Sindhuratna accident(?) and battery compartmant fire and smoke.26 February 2014.
Two officers were found dead. 
Yes there were a number of earthquakes between 0030 hrs and 0130 hrs when the tragedy occurred.
The surge waves of the dams struck the submarine five times.
See Table below(Right click on the table to view it in a separate tab):

The times at which the surge waves hit the ship are shown in the table. They are at 00:50:38, 00:55:41, 00:59:55, 1:06:26 and 1:35:49, all UTC on 26th February 2014.

Table below shows the magnitude of the hit(equivalent to a great earthquake of magnitude 8.36 MM) du to a change in the storage content of the world's dams of 106 BCM . Right click on the table and view it/view it  in a separate tab.

The Latest Accident: INS Kolkata CO2 Gas Cylinder Burst: 7 Mar 2014 at 715 hrs UTC
One Naval officer killed and two others hospitalised.
The sudden pressure blast may have been triggered by the dams, by the application of the precautionary principle. This may have occurred as the surge wave was traveling from the earthquake at Mexico to the earthquake at Calrsberg Ridge. See the following table.

Not that the time difference between the arrival of the surge at Mumbai Port Trust and reported time of the blast is only 4.25 %. 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The 9th August 2013 Coal Pile Collapse in Odisha caused by a 8.9 MM surge from the World's Dams

The Dams of the World produce surge waves of Dynamic Disequilibrium like a great earthquake to destroy modern structures:

Nine killed as coal pile collapses in Odisha

Priya Ranjan Sahu, Hindustan Times  Bhubaneswar, August 10, 2013
First Published: 17:41 IST(10/8/2013) | Last Updated: 20:17 IST(10/8/2013)

 “At least 9 persons were killed in Odisha’s Sundergarh district on Saturday following a massive slide in the coal overburden dump yard of nationalised Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL).
The accident occurred at about 10 am at MCL’s coal mines in the district’s Basundhara area, about 500 km northwest of Bhubaneswar, when a overburden dump caved in following the slide and buried about 20 persons, mostly local villagers, who had gone to extract coal from it in the process.”
“Overburden is the waste material that lies above the coal reserve that is removed before mining and dumped in a heap. Thousands of local poor illegally extract low-grade coal from the heaps risking their lives to earn their livelihood.”

Details of the damage I  traced to the World’s dams: See Table TADS below. The damage occurred and people died as the wave passed Basundhara Coal Pile from the deep focus damquake at Banda Sea to the damquake at Southern Iran. A hot spot was recorded on 9th August at 1630 hrs near the event location:

20.956 20.956 85.177 85.177 48  20130809 1630      T
The applied sliding moment was huge estimated as the equivalent to the energy released by a great damquake of magnitude 8.9 MM(moment magnitude). 
(Right click on the image and view it on a separate tab).

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Tokai Hadron Facility Radiation Exposure and Dam Surges

Re: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/05/26/national/researchers-hurt-at-ibaraki-nuclear-facility/#at_pco=cfd-1.0
The Hadron collider internal radiation exposure of 23 May 2013 at 11:55 AM Tokai local time may be because of a surge wave which may have passed the Hdron Facility at Tokai at that time.
Table Tokai below gives the details of how it might have happened:


The giant surge wave of water moment due to the dams of the world was passing from the damquake off the east coast of Kamchatka to that at Dodecanese Isles, Greece and arrived at Tokai, Ibaraka Prefecture at 2.69 hrs UTC and caused the alarm at 2.9167 at the Hadron Collider lab to ring. The time duration of the surge to travel from the Kamchatka damquake to Tokai is calculated as the time taken for the surge to travel from the Kamchatka damquake hypocenter to the Greek damquake hypocenter multiplied by the ratio (distance from Kamchatka location to Tokai Hadron location/distance between the two damquakes).This works out to 0.1414 hr. Adding this to the time of occurrence of the Kamchatka damquake  the time of arrival of the surge at Tokai as 2.69 hrs UTC is computed.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Oklahoma tornado of 20 May 2013 may have been triggered by the surge wave of the world’s dams when it arrived at Newcastle at 19hrs 45 minutes.

Table 1 shows the  way in which the dams of the world may have triggered the Oklahoma tornado on 20th May 2013.

In this table, the Tornado struck between two damquakes, damquake 1 in Central Turkey and damquake 3 in Tarapaca, Chile. The distance from damquake 1 to Moore, Oklahoma is 10378 km. The distance from damquake 1 to damquake 3 is 12454 km.  The time duration between damquake 1 to damquake 3 is 27.925 minutes. The time period between damquake 1 to Moore is calculated as  (distance from damquake 1 to Moore/distance between the two damquakes)x (Time period between the two damquakes) or (10378/12454)x 27.925 = 23.27 minutes. Adding this to the time of occurrence of damquake 1, we get the time of arrival of the surge wave of the dams at Moore, which we take as the initiator of the tornado. This is 19.88 hours UTC as entered at Row2, Column 13. The actual reported time of the tornado occurrence at Moore is 19.75 hrs UTC.    The percentage error between the touchdown time at Moore and the arrival of the dam surge is small 0.66%. This error is calculated as (19.88-19.75)/19.75 x100.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Myanmar School Fire: A dam related event:1 April 2013, around 19 hrs UTC

Yangon, April 02, 2013

“Thirteen people, mostly children, were killed during a fire at a Muslim religious school in downtown Yangon," a police officer at the scene said. "We assume that it was due to an electrical short circuit."
Firefighters extinguished the blaze, which broke out in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he said.
Ramaswami Kumar
© 2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Myanmar, Yangon: Location: Latitude = 16.8000, Longitude = 96.1500 has been experiencing intense hotspots(April 1 to April 4 2013):
Total number of fires detected : 254

For entire Myanmar see the hotspots:

Total number of fires detected : 4194

These hotspots had been caused by the surges exerted by reservoir content changes from instant to instant which resulted in a number of damage causing earthquakes, which I call damquakes, in Myanmar and adjacent regions around the time the school caught Fire(1 April 2013 say around 19 hrs utc):
Magnitude,MM, Date,Time,Latitude, Longitude, Depth(km), Region.
5.0              2013/03/30 20:04:50     23.104               95.950             33.8      MYANMAR
5.0              2013/04/01 22:02:05    -20.784             -178.486             566.4    FIJI REGION
3.3              2013/04/01 20:59:10     52.162              -176.764             122.3    ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
5.1              2013/04/01 20:04:31     39.580               143.156             8.6        OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
6.0              2013/04/01 18:53:17     39.528               143.196             12.5      OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
As the surges pass from one earthquake to another they exert their surge waves on the earth wherever they get fulcrum(a firm hold so to speak) for example at deep focus points, resulting in deep focus damquakes followed by damage causing damquakes as illustrated above in the case of school fire. If one gets the approximate time at which the fire took place, it is easy to find out from which earthquake to which earthquake the surges were passing in their dynamic disquilibrium state and pinpoint the time at which the surges passed the school building.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dam Surges set the Bangalore Inflatable Seat Making Factory Ablaze?


Karnataka: six charred to death in inferno

UNI  Bangalore, March 25, 2013
First Published: 11:15 IST(25/3/2013) | Last Updated: 11:18 IST(25/3/2013)


Assuming that all safety precautions had been taken(lives are infinitely precious) there is the cumulative effect of modern civilization via the surges of daily worldwide dam content changes that would have caused the fire charring six to death. As the surges of dynamic disequilibrium were passing from the damquake off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan to the damquake near the coast of Nicaragua, the surges struck the factory on Magadi Road setting it on fire. The reported time of the fire(530 AM IST on 25 Match 2013) coincides reasonably well with the time of passage of the surges across the factory(5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST). The disaster management authority must study this aspect of infrastructure damages caused by modern civilization as this is proving to be disastrously frequent.
The time difference between the quake off the East Coast of Honshu and the quake Near the Coast of Nicaragua is 16.05 min. The time taken for the surges of the dams to pass through the Magadi Road Factory is then calculated as (Distance from the Honshu epicentre to the fire location in Bangalore)/(Distance from Honshu quake to Nicaragua quake)x (Time difference between the two quakes). This works out to 9.21 mins. Thus the time of passage of the surge wave from Honshu quake to the factory location is the time of occurrence of the Honshu quake plus the time taken for the surge wave to pass the factory at Bangalore. This works out to  5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST on 25 March 2013 or 23 hr 53 min 9.46 secs UTC on 24 March 2013.

Timeline of the events:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The curious instance of batteries ablaze in the Air Traffic Control Tower at Chennai Airport

The Details of an Analysis of the Battery Fire at ATC, Chennai on 11 March 2013 at 21 hrs UTC.
Re: Chennai airport fire: Tamil Nadu govt orders investigation

NDTV report extract: "The battery bank area of the ATC tower was engulfed in fire following an explosion in the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system of the battery bank in the technical equipment room that supplies power to advance surface movement guidance and control system at around 2.20 am...."

 The Analysis taking the cumulative effects of the World's Dams.
 Copyright  2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
The battery bank caught fire after the surges of dynamic disequilibrium water moment changes of the world's dams taken together were moving from a damquake(an earthquake caused by dams(2)) at Anza California at the epicentre 33.508, -116.476 to a damquake at Southern Italy at the epicentre 39.29, 18.73. On the way, the surges struck the ATC Tower Chennai's foundation located at 12.9823,80.1638. This caused the foundation to be subject to extreme heat which was conducted through the steel framework rapidly to the battery bank structure which was subject to intense heat and resulted in the inflammatory material in the batteries to possibly catch fire and  its thermal runaway(1)(2).  
The distance from the epicentre at Anza to the ATC at Chennai is 14543 km. The distance from the ATC at Chennai to the epicentre in Southern Italy is 6646 km. The distance from the Italian epicentre via the Chennai ATC to Anza epicentre is thus 14543+ 6646= 21189 km. The Anza quake took place on 2013-03-11 at time 20:15:36 UTC, while that in Southern Italy occurred at 20:55:27 UTC, the time difference between the two thus being 40.45 minutes. Taking the time difference between the Anza quake and the ATC fire to be proportional to the two distances, we get the time difference to be (14543/21189)x40.45=
27.59 minutes. Thus the time of occurrence of the ATC fire is time of occurrence of the Anza quake + time difference Anza to ATC,Chennai = 20:15: 36 + 27m 35.45 s or 20:42:35.45. Chennai time =UTC+5:30= 20:42:35.45 + 5:30 = 2:12:35.45 on 12 March 2013. The report above states that the fire was noticed around 2:20 on 12 March 2013. Taking note of the characteristics of thermal runaway of the battery bank(1), we can say that this is an entirely highly probable explanation because we can also infer about the truth from similar damquake related reports here which underwent the same type of analysis(3). The reported time of such earthquake related events and the calculated times based on dam surge analysis coincide without fail!
(1) Lithium-ion Batteries: Hazard and Use Assessment: Link at

(2) R. Ashok Kumar. 2005. Earthquakes caused by dams. Link at

(3) R. Ashok Kumar. 2008. Collaterals of Climate Change. Link at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Earthquake Related Events: The Kolkata Ultadanga Flyover Collapse: 23 hrs UTC on 2 March 2013.


A loud thud woke up the residents of Ultadanga when a huge portion of a
flyover collapsed this morning, injuring three persons.

"It was 4:30 in the morning and all of a sudden I heard a huge explosion
and I thought there was a blast. I came out of my building and saw that
a large part of the bridge had collapsed," said Asish, a resident of a
nearby complex.

A huge portion of a vital flyover on the eastern side of the metropolis
collapsed today leaving three injured, police said.

"After hearing the sound, I came out of my home and saw that a truck was
totally smashed and two people severely injured," said Ratnesh, a local
tea stall owner.

A major catastrophe was averted(the flyover did not know the time by  design!)
as the incident at Ultadanga took place at 4:30 AM in the morning when there
was hardly any traffic on the busy flyover, which connects VIP Road and the airport
with E M Bypass and the Eastern and Southern suburbs...

Comment: Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

The Ultadanga flyover collapsed at 2300 hrs UTC on 2 March 2013.
This happened while the water moment surge vector of the dams of
the world  was passing through Ultadanga,Kolkata(latitude 22.5954,
longitude 88.3858) from the earthquake at Cocquimbo Chile(latitude
-31.33, longitude -71.26) to the earthquake in Western Turkey
(latitude 40.4,longitude 26.13). The earthquake at Coquimbo,
Chile had hit at 22hrs 58 mins 45 seconds while that in Western Turkey
had occurred at 23 hrs 1 min 47 seconds.The distance from Coquimbo
to the earthquake location in Western Turkey is 12765 km. The distance
from Coquimbo to Ultadanga along the same route is 6664 km. It took
3 mins 2 secs for the surges to travel from Coquimbo quake location to
Western Turkey quake location. Thus the surges hit Ultadanga flyover
after (6664/12765)x(3 mins 2 secs) or 1 min 35 secs after the earthquake
hit Cocquimbo Chile or at 22hrs 58 mins 45 secs + 1 min 35 secs or at
23 hrs 0 min 20 seconds. All the reports point out that the collapse
occurred at 23 hrs! Thus time and again the cumulative dam dynamics are
automatically implicated in destroying the infrastructure of modern
civilization as Mahatma Gandhi pointed out in 1908: Given enough time
modern civilization will destroy itself.

Timeline of the tragedy

Date/Time/Latitude/Longitude/Depth,km/Magnitude MM/Region
2013-03-02   22:58:45.0    31.33     S      71.26     W      70    3.6     COQUIMBO, CHILE
2013-03-02   23:00:20   22.5954 N       88.3858 E        0        0      ULTADANGA FLYOVER
2013-03-02   23:01:47   40.4    N       21.63   E        5      2.9      WESTERN TURKEY

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