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Dam Surges set the Bangalore Inflatable Seat Making Factory Ablaze?


Karnataka: six charred to death in inferno

UNI  Bangalore, March 25, 2013
First Published: 11:15 IST(25/3/2013) | Last Updated: 11:18 IST(25/3/2013)

Assuming that all safety precautions had been taken(lives are infinitely precious) there is the cumulative effect of modern civilization via the surges of daily worldwide dam content changes that would have caused the fire charring six to death. As the surges of dynamic disequilibrium were passing from the damquake off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan to the damquake near the coast of Nicaragua, the surges struck the factory on Magadi Road setting it on fire. The reported time of the fire(530 AM IST on 25 Match 2013) coincides reasonably well with the time of passage of the surges across the factory(5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST). The disaster management authority must study this aspect of infrastructure damages caused by modern civilization as this is proving to be disastrously frequent.
The time difference between the quake off the East Coast of Honshu and the quake Near the Coast of Nicaragua is 16.05 min. The time taken for the surges of the dams to pass through the Magadi Road Factory is then calculated as (Distance from the Honshu epicentre to the fire location in Bangalore)/(Distance from Honshu quake to Nicaragua quake)x (Time difference between the two quakes). This works out to 9.21 mins. Thus the time of passage of the surge wave from Honshu quake to the factory location is the time of occurrence of the Honshu quake plus the time taken for the surge wave to pass the factory at Bangalore. This works out to  5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST on 25 March 2013 or 23 hr 53 min 9.46 secs UTC on 24 March 2013.

Timeline of the events:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The curious instance of batteries ablaze in the Air Traffic Control Tower at Chennai Airport

The Details of an Analysis of the Battery Fire at ATC, Chennai on 11 March 2013 at 21 hrs UTC.
Re: Chennai airport fire: Tamil Nadu govt orders investigation
NDTV report extract: "The battery bank area of the ATC tower was engulfed in fire following an explosion in the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system of the battery bank in the technical equipment room that supplies power to advance surface movement guidance and control system at around 2.20 am...."

 The Analysis taking the cumulative effects of the World's Dams.
 Copyright  2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
The battery bank caught fire after the surges of dynamic disequilibrium water moment changes of the world's dams taken together were moving from a damquake(an earthquake caused by dams(2)) at Anza California at the epicentre 33.508, -116.476 to a damquake at Southern Italy at the epicentre 39.29, 18.73. On the way, the surges struck the ATC Tower Chennai's foundation located at 12.9823,80.1638. This caused the foundation to be subject to extreme heat which was conducted through the steel framework rapidly to the battery bank structure which was subject to intense heat and resulted in the inflammatory material in the batteries to possibly catch fire and  its thermal runaway(1)(2).  
The distance from the epicentre at Anza to the ATC at Chennai is 14543 km. The distance from the ATC at Chennai to the epicentre in Southern Italy is 6646 km. The distance from the Italian epicentre via the Chennai ATC to Anza epicentre is thus 14543+ 6646= 21189 km. The Anza quake took place on 2013-03-11 at time 20:15:36 UTC, while that in Southern Italy occurred at 20:55:27 UTC, the time difference between the two thus being 40.45 minutes. Taking the time difference between the Anza quake and the ATC fire to be proportional to the two distances, we get the time difference to be (14543/21189)x40.45=
27.59 minutes. Thus the time of occurrence of the ATC fire is time of occurrence of the Anza quake + time difference Anza to ATC,Chennai = 20:15: 36 + 27m 35.45 s or 20:42:35.45. Chennai time =UTC+5:30= 20:42:35.45 + 5:30 = 2:12:35.45 on 12 March 2013. The report above states that the fire was noticed around 2:20 on 12 March 2013. Taking note of the characteristics of thermal runaway of the battery bank(1), we can say that this is an entirely highly probable explanation because we can also infer about the truth from similar damquake related reports here which underwent the same type of analysis(3). The reported time of such earthquake related events and the calculated times based on dam surge analysis coincide without fail!
(1) Lithium-ion Batteries: Hazard and Use Assessment: Link at  

(2) R. Ashok Kumar. 2005. Earthquakes caused by dams. Link at

(3) R. Ashok Kumar. 2008. Collaterals of Climate Change. Link at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Earthquake Related Events: The Kolkata Ultadanga Flyover Collapse: 23 hrs UTC on 2 March 2013.

A loud thud woke up the residents of Ultadanga when a huge portion of a
flyover collapsed this morning, injuring three persons.

"It was 4:30 in the morning and all of a sudden I heard a huge explosion
and I thought there was a blast. I came out of my building and saw that
a large part of the bridge had collapsed," said Asish, a resident of a
nearby complex.

A huge portion of a vital flyover on the eastern side of the metropolis
collapsed today leaving three injured, police said.

"After hearing the sound, I came out of my home and saw that a truck was
totally smashed and two people severely injured," said Ratnesh, a local
tea stall owner.

A major catastrophe was averted(the flyover did not know the time by  design!)
as the incident at Ultadanga took place at 4:30 AM in the morning when there
was hardly any traffic on the busy flyover, which connects VIP Road and the airport
with E M Bypass and the Eastern and Southern suburbs...

Comment: Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

The Ultadanga flyover collapsed at 2300 hrs UTC on 2 March 2013.
This happened while the water moment surge vector of the dams of
the world  was passing through Ultadanga,Kolkata(latitude 22.5954,
longitude 88.3858) from the earthquake at Cocquimbo Chile(latitude
-31.33, longitude -71.26) to the earthquake in Western Turkey
(latitude 40.4,longitude 26.13). The earthquake at Coquimbo,
Chile had hit at 22hrs 58 mins 45 seconds while that in Western Turkey
had occurred at 23 hrs 1 min 47 seconds.The distance from Coquimbo
to the earthquake location in Western Turkey is 12765 km. The distance
from Coquimbo to Ultadanga along the same route is 6664 km. It took
3 mins 2 secs for the surges to travel from Coquimbo quake location to
Western Turkey quake location. Thus the surges hit Ultadanga flyover
after (6664/12765)x(3 mins 2 secs) or 1 min 35 secs after the earthquake
hit Cocquimbo Chile or at 22hrs 58 mins 45 secs + 1 min 35 secs or at
23 hrs 0 min 20 seconds. All the reports point out that the collapse
occurred at 23 hrs! Thus time and again the cumulative dam dynamics are
automatically implicated in destroying the infrastructure of modern
civilization as Mahatma Gandhi pointed out in 1908: Given enough time
modern civilization will destroy itself.

Timeline of the tragedy

Date/Time/Latitude/Longitude/Depth,km/Magnitude MM/Region
2013-03-02   22:58:45.0    31.33     S      71.26     W      70    3.6     COQUIMBO, CHILE
2013-03-02   23:00:20   22.5954 N       88.3858 E        0        0      ULTADANGA FLYOVER
2013-03-02   23:01:47   40.4    N       21.63   E        5      2.9      WESTERN TURKEY

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