Monday, March 25, 2013

Dam Surges set the Bangalore Inflatable Seat Making Factory Ablaze?


Karnataka: six charred to death in inferno

UNI  Bangalore, March 25, 2013
First Published: 11:15 IST(25/3/2013) | Last Updated: 11:18 IST(25/3/2013)

Assuming that all safety precautions had been taken(lives are infinitely precious) there is the cumulative effect of modern civilization via the surges of daily worldwide dam content changes that would have caused the fire charring six to death. As the surges of dynamic disequilibrium were passing from the damquake off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan to the damquake near the coast of Nicaragua, the surges struck the factory on Magadi Road setting it on fire. The reported time of the fire(530 AM IST on 25 Match 2013) coincides reasonably well with the time of passage of the surges across the factory(5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST). The disaster management authority must study this aspect of infrastructure damages caused by modern civilization as this is proving to be disastrously frequent.
The time difference between the quake off the East Coast of Honshu and the quake Near the Coast of Nicaragua is 16.05 min. The time taken for the surges of the dams to pass through the Magadi Road Factory is then calculated as (Distance from the Honshu epicentre to the fire location in Bangalore)/(Distance from Honshu quake to Nicaragua quake)x (Time difference between the two quakes). This works out to 9.21 mins. Thus the time of passage of the surge wave from Honshu quake to the factory location is the time of occurrence of the Honshu quake plus the time taken for the surge wave to pass the factory at Bangalore. This works out to  5 hrs 23 mins 9.46 secs IST on 25 March 2013 or 23 hr 53 min 9.46 secs UTC on 24 March 2013.

Timeline of the events:

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