Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Building Collapse in Bangalore on 26 November 2013 due to the World's dams

Building collapse due to the World’s dams in Bangalore 26 November 2013 at 845-945 AM IST:
“The collapsed house was part of a several dwellings in a two-storeyed structure situated atop a godown in the compound. The collapse of the dwellings atop the godown around 8.45 am also led to crumbling down of other houses adjoining the godown, officials said.

While two families occupied the dwellings atop the godown, about ten to twelve people resided in the other adjoining houses that crashed subsequently. Most of the families living in the residential complex were daily wagers, who had left for work in the morning. Or else, the number of casualties could have been higher, a police official added.

Police said that the houses in the compound were about 40 years old and incessant rains over the last two or three days could have caused the collapse.”

The earthquakes between which the building collapsed:

2013-11-26   03:05:38.0            52.91             N              160.39             E              48            4.5       OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA
2013-11-26   04:28:40.61            28.51             N              56.75             E              22            3.5       SOUTHERN IRAN

The distance between the two epicenters: 8354 km.

Location of Bangalore: 12.9716,77.5946

The distance between the Southern Iran  quake and Bangalore: 2791 km.
The distance between the Kamchatka quake and Bangalore is  8354-2791= 5563 km.
The time between the two quakes= 1:23:2.61= 1.3841 hrs.
The time taken by the dam surges to reach Bangalore from Kamchatka quake epicenter is
1.3841x(5563/8354)= 0.9217 hrs.
The Kamchatka quake occurred at 3+ 5/60+38/3600= 3.0939 hrs.
The time of arrival of dam surge at Bangalore= 3.0939+0.9217= 4.0155 hrs
This is about 936 hrs IST. Police in Bangalore have said that the collapse occurred at around 915 hrs IST.  This is good agreement with another TV report which put the collapse at around 945 hrs IST.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jijr6F65T_M

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