Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Airplane crashes and the world's dams: The need for a normal civilization to see the cause


Even the latest airplanes encounter conditions beyond the design basis envelope and crash! This is because modern civilization(mc) itself is based on false foundations: The separate existences are true and non-interacting. The truth is however the basis of a normal civilization which recognises that the separate existences are rigidly interconnected and behave as one entity. Thus the principle of perfect design is that transcending all is the Unknowable: True Knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives; in the separate the one inseparable! Normal civilization immediately recognises the fallacy of mc's designs. Applying the precautionary principle one must recognise the cumulative effects of the separate artefacts of mc. One of the major culprits is the design for meeting water needs like dams- the surface water storages. The glaring lacuna in the dam is that there is nothing to take care of the simultaneous instantaneous surges of water pressure head that appears at the centre of gravity(CG) of the water masses of all the world's reservoirs behind dams from instant to instant as a response to the moment to moment water demands of mc. These water pressure head changes are due to dam content changes of the order of hundreds of billions of cubic meters(BCM) of water(about one to 2 % of the world's total dam capacity of about 15000 BCM). This results in water moment surges all round the centre of gravity(CG) all over the world. At an instant which is ripe for say an earthquake or a thunderstorm or a landslide, at some point on the globe the water surge may strike with a power of hundreds of thousands of terawatts(a terawatt is a trillion watts:10^12 watts).For contrast, the world's electrical capacity totals hardly 6 terawatts! An aeroplane caught in such a thunderstorm factory thus experiences a giant instantaneous sledge hammer thrust downwards in the storm created by the surges and thus many orders of magnitude higher than the maximum thrust the plane is capable of. Such an event explains the impulse descent of a series of airbuses and boeings and other planes: the plane hitting the Alps in this instance is just another one, applying the precautionary principle. The actors in mc will pick up the pieces and make a micro analysis as done hitherto but the interactive surges of the dams is well beyond mc's specialist isolated thinking abilities. However there is a dim recognition of the hazards of flying into a thunderstorm factory, but no idea they have of the ultimate cause, the interacting horrors of the power of dams-a creation of mc's design philosophy. 
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Reference: Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs(See by google search).