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Tamilnadu flood during North East Monsoon 2015

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The North-East Monsoon during October to November 2015 has resulted in extremes of rainfall resulting in
169 deaths till  18 November 2015 in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. See
See the situation as of 2 Dec 2015:
My research shows that the world's dams are causing extremes of rain, including
the recent floods in Tamilnadu. Building more dams will cause a domino effect in
causing more extremes and contribute to extinction via severe climate change. Already
a giant 9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami was caused by the World's dams at Fukushima
on March 11 2011 which resulted in three meltdowns which is an ongoing extinction event.
It requires people of the calibre of Mahatma Gandhi to steer the World away from modern
civilization based on specializations. The sooner sanity returns the better chance for
Pralaya to be delayed. See how the Pacific Ocean is being killed:

Latest Headlines enenews:

08:10 PM EST on November 22nd, 2015 | 16 comments

in deadly ‘flesh-eating’ disease in Japan — “Shatters annual record” —
Health experts issue advisories — Official: “Researchers are not sure
why… There is so much we still don’t know” — Number of cases began
rising in 2011 (VIDEO)

04:55 AM EST on November 20th, 2015 | 424 comments

whales found piled up dead on west coast beach — Second largest animals
on planet — Official: “It’s never happened… Extremely unusual… Very
rare and odd… We want to know why” — Gov’t scientists testing for
Fukushima radiation — Backlog at lab due to so many recent deaths

06:38 PM EST on November 18th, 2015 | 518 comments

Ever”: Alarm over shocking crash of salmon population in Pacific
Northwest — “Very frightening… Pathetic… Grave… Disastrous…
Non-existent” — Official calls for immediate government action —
“Something majorly wrong is happening in our oceans” (VIDEOS)

07:12 AM EST on November 16th, 2015 | 798 comments

Report: Fukushima affecting radiation levels in U.S. — Recent elevated
measurements “a direct result” of 2011 nuclear disaster — “Florida is
experiencing Cesium-137 deposition” — “Not unusual” to detect Fukushima
fallout in citrus fruit

11:59 AM EST on November 12th, 2015 | 545 comments

Largest animal on earth found dead on West Coast, “very sick… very
emaciated” — TV: Food supply is being “killed off… many sea creatures
affected” — Expert: Most whales we’ve been tracking for past two years
are not doing well… “I think we’re going to see more of this” (VIDEO)

07:17 AM EST on November 11th, 2015 | 461 comments

arrested over Fukushima-related YouTube videos — Charged with criminal
harassment of university scientists — Professor: I certainly don’t want
to jeopardize the prosecution (VIDEO)

06:04 PM EST on November 7th, 2015 | 924 comments

Experts: Million cancers could result from Fukushima — Already hundreds
of times more thyroid cancers… “Just the tip of the iceberg… worst is
yet to come” — “Enormous spikes in cancer… devastating health effects”

04:07 PM EST on November 5th, 2015 | 593 comments

Japan Ambassador: Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be
underway at Fukushima — “Troubling indications of recurring criticality”
as Tellurium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant — ‘Recriticality’
discussed by Japan’s top nuclear official

08:08 PM EST on November 4th, 2015 | 364 comments

“Millions of salmon mysteriously just disappear” off West Coast —
Expert: “Literally within 2 days it disappeared, it just crashed… I
have never ever seen, nor can I explain” that — “One of the worst
seasons ever” — “Disturbing… Serious trouble… Very dramatic”

07:32 PM EST on November 3rd, 2015 | 225 comments

“Researchers say massive decline of fish is throwing off ecosystem”
along California coast — Expert: “Population has truly collapsed”…
They’re gone virtually everywhere — Whale numbers dropping
significantly, squid disappearing, other major die-offs seen (VIDEO)

02:35 AM EST on November 2nd, 2015 | 330 comments

nuclear waste now being found off all U.S. states on West Coast —
Detected near shorelines of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska
this summer — Highest radiation just miles from San Francisco (MAP)

05:21 PM EST on October 30th, 2015 | 707 comments

Times: “Deadly” radiation levels detected outside Fukushima containment
vessel — “Details behind situation are unknown” — Officials unable to
grasp location of melted nuclear fuel — “Impossible” to plan for

How do the World’s dams cause such a domino effect?
Let me take you through an outline of my work to see the consequences of dams leading to such a catastrophe that occurred  in Tamilnadu during October-November 2015.
The world’s dams are causing worldwide earthquakes (1).
For background basics see (1)
(2) The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change at

From the USGS data base on earthquakes compile a list of earthquake data for October 1 to November 18 2015.
For each week for the earthquakes compute the average and average deviation. The average deviation is the average for the absolute deviation for the earthquakes from the mean location. This average deviation is also the location of the centre of gravity of the water masses behind the World’s reservoirs. This follows from a study of dam dynamics for the set of the world’s dams.
The results are in Table 1:

Table 1: AVELa : Average of Latitude, AVELo : Average of Longitude, AVEDEV: Average deviation, Dist: Distance, SSM: Sum of seismic moments. To get value in Nm multiply by 10^19.05. DBCM: The change in world dam contents in billion cubic meters ( BCM ).
Compute the distance in kilometres (Dist,km) between the centre of gravity of the water masses behind the world’s reservoirs and the mean of the earthquake locations during any period by means of a Lat Long Distance calculator say from
Then calculate the sum of seismic moments for any period as SSM by summing up for each earthquake during any period the term
SM= 10^ (1.5x the moment magnitude MM of the earthquake -10).
The value of SM in Newton-meters is given by SM x 10^19.05.
Then estimate the value of the change in the sum of the world’s dam contents in BCM by the formula
DBCM= (SSM x 10^19.05/10^15/9.81/Dist, km)   in BCM.
See Table 1 for the results.
Now we get data for Weekly Departures from normal rainfall for Tamilnadu and Puducherry, districtwise:

We study the following correlations:
1.Week by week total rainfall departures from the normal correlated with Sum of World Weekly Dam Content Changes

The correlation between Mean Absolute Weekly Departures of Rainfall and Mean World Weekly Dam Content Changes is significant:
r(MeanABSA,MeanDBCM),t.p:                  0.829215929       3.317389529       0.021068592
The corresponding graph is:

Now study the correlation between world cumulative weekly dam content changes and weekly departures of rainfall. For this the following data base is derived:

The corresponding graph is:

From the probabilities of all the correlations computed, it is shown that there is significant correlation between the Weekly rainfall departures and the World Dam content changes and these dam content changes in response to the inflows and water demands are causing these extreme rainfall events resulting in catastrophic loss of lives.
Let us see whether these dam content changes are exerting a similar control over the All India rainfall weekly departures.
See the Table below for the All India Data:

From Table T we see that even the All India absolute weekly departures of rainfall correlate significantly with the sum-total of the world dam content changes, not just for Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.
Thus not only are there extremes of rainfall in Tamilnadu during the North East Monsoon, but also in the whole of India. Thus worldwide dams as shown above are causing the phenomenon of extremes of rainfall in each district in India and all over India as a whole. These extremes are the climate change effects of dams observed worldwide.

The fury starts all over again 29 November 2315UTC 2015 :
See Kalpana Satellite Picture:

On 30 Nov 2015 at 1045 UTC the satellite picture is :

And half an hour later:


The sat pic on 2 Dec 2015 at 415z:

See my comments at
The comments(in the above link) are educative and brings out the thoughts for sharing
cooperatively so we survive in health. There are extremes of rain
and extremes of drought brought about by climate change agents over
and above the normal. This is clear from a study of the data on weekly
rainfall departures from October 1 for all districts of India(IMD website).
The sum total of these districtwise departures gives us a measure of the  all
India departures for each week. These are found to correlate significantly with
the world dam content changes during the same period. Not only the All India
departures, but each state departures correlate significantly with the corresponding
global sum of dam content changes. Thus the extremes of drought and of rain follow the
dam content changes worldwide which is in accordance with the worldwide demands for water.
The dam surges that cause these extremes act from their center of gravity on various parts
of the earth which offer them a fulcrum directly heating the earth in the process causing
climate change. Equitable water distribution which recharges groundwaters is performed
automatically by plants/trees via osmosis and transpiration with the energy and power of
the sun. See how floods and droughts are controlled by nature by google search for
Reforest Mother Earth to Live! Regarding the study of the extremes see Collaterals
of Climate Change by clicking on this in my complete profile at
Blogger: User Profile: Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.

Another call by citizens illustrates well a need for relevant education and implementation of a normal civilization:
My comment:
These are all ungodly solutions propounded by people pinned to modern civilization based on false foundations. Only God can make a tree! He provided trees to act as giant pumps working at 1000 atmospheres or more to throw the floods back to the skies using their power of osmosis and transpiration! This of course uses the sun to create an equitable atmospheric distribution network in proportion to the density of vegetation. Water is recharged into the groundwater table in cycles of charging the clouds and rains further on. This Godly mechanism of self control defies gravity whereas all man made disaster mitigation via drains are slaves of gravity and tidal flows. Reforest Mother Earth to Live! Reverdure must be your calling citizens. Not devlopment a la modern civilization, which is committing suicide at the hands of rakshasas of the most evil designs rooted in modern civilization. Go to Google search type in Blogger User Profile: Ramaswami Ashok Kumar to check out the truth. Hint: Click on Collaterals of climate change and see an explanation of climate change via the evil of dams. Then click on Reforest Mother Earth to live! for project reverdure.Warning: Dame luck may not make Chennai or Tamilnadu or the world so lucky every time. While still there is time shout Environment is development and implement Reforestation ecologically for the next millennia as the basis for survival.

Its also Great Britain which came under water of biblical proportions:

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