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Self help is the best. Ecological considerations must form the bottom line of
increase in gross nature product. Most of our legitimate needs can then be met
by a lifestyle which recognises the need to do away with self destructive modern
civilization. In these days when the climate change conference has left the earth
to fend for itself- read more Chennai like floods and more extremes of droughts,
more dam created catastrophes like climate change resulting in more Fukushimas-
we must on an emergency basis destroy the terrific anonymity of modern
civilization and its extinction breeding designs like nuclear power and thermal
power which produces only electricity and replace the world's dams by trees and
pastures-ecological reforestation which will essentially bring back pre modern
civilization's glory to the earth and all life.
Afraid of losing the ground under their feet, the adherents of modern civilization
are trying to salvage the mass murderers - the contraptions of modern civilization
at any cost, instead of going ahead by thinking outside the box and creating an
intense debate for action on the way forward selflessly.
How else can we understand the Paris conference results?
See the Gates interview in The Hindu imploring for funds for nukes and the piece
imploring for hydro power in The Times of India:
"Ganga has Many Faces", Dec 14, 2015.
And there is another webinar on interlinking rivers today 15 Dec 2015.
The answer is not dams but trees:
We no longer go by the dirty and terribly accident prone trains when we can afford
and fly. Similarly we must think outside the box and allow water to fly from place
to place. This is precisely the reason why God created trees which by osmosis and
transpiration powered by the sun act like giant pumps and equitably distribute the
water in proportion to the density of vegetation, beating the dams, the slaves of
gravity hollow. Osmosis via the tree roots overcomes the gravity of water by many
orders of magnitude. Contemplate the mangroves where the osmotic pressure is 2.7 MPa(million Pascals,million Newtons/square meter.
Here imagine a mangrove tree set with 300 kg/m^2 dry biomass weight which transpires more than its own dry biomass weight per day.The osmotic force pulls up the water against gravity of 9.81 m/s/s by an acceleration of 2.7MPa/300kg or 9000 m/s/s! The pressure gradient to the atmosphere(bulk air) at 50% Relative Humidity is -97 MPa (-97 million N/m^2). Thus the sun pulls up the 300 kg/m^2 water sucked by the mangroves at an upward acceleration of 33000 times that due to gravity! 

The answer dear brutes of modern civilization lies in the tree as infinitely superior to dams which will prevent floods(and droughts), making the Chennai like floods to vanish and never reappear. You want Pralaya or progress? Choose the living forces not the dead and dying contraptions of modern civilization. Reverdure must be your calling, not dams. See Collaterals of Climate Change and Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
by Google search.

Space shuttles and trees

The space shuttle typically weighing 2040 Tons accelerates at a rate of 16 m/s^2(1.63g) at lift off with a thrust of 32 million newtons(MN). The tree routinely develops a thrust of 95 MN at several orders of magnitude higher than the gravitational force to lift more than its own dry biomass weight of water high up into the skies every day at an atmospheric relative humidity of 50%. It uses solar energy at 1 GW/km^2. And the tree works at infinite efficiency as it does not require fuel. Water is equitably automatically distributed by the sun by osmosis and transpiration in proportion to the density of vegetation. The evolutionary function of the tree is to use the sun to interconnect communities of life to enable the genesis and support of beings while returning all that is taken from the earth.

World Bank's Kariba may be destroyed by modern civilization.
See  http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/one-of-africas-biggest-dams-is-falling-apart
Come lets ecologically reforest the world. Therein lies salvation!
In this way the dams of the world will be bypassed.
Think about this salvaging process for meeting world's water needs by groundwater recharging.
The Science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change at
Collaterals of Climate Change:
Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

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