Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Dombivli Chemical Factory Blast and the World's Dams: A connect modern civilization's specialists are blind to!


A dam surge wave some 2 million times the world electrical capacity of
6 terawatts struck the factory for some 33 milliseconds(estimated) at around
10 hours local time(India Today TV Channel) caused by a worldwide dam content change of 112 BCM causing the blast and fire which saw 3 dead and 85 injured. This analysis is done applying the precautionary principle because of the uncertainties involved. This dams surge wave was passing from an earthquake in Simi Valley California to an earthquake in Semisopochnoi Island in Alaska when it passed through the factory. This brings into sharp relief once again the deadly consequences of modern civilization through its designs to meet water and other needs. In 1908 Mahatma Gandhi gave a warning: Given enough time, modern civilization will destroy itself. The solution is to discard modern ways and adopt a normal way of life based on truth. See Collaterals of Climate Change/R. Ashok Kumar.
Vriksha samrakshan Vishwasamrakshan. Trees for Dams! Realise that your most important priority is to reforest ecologically our planet for the next millennia involving people. 

If as this newsreport suggests the blast occurred at around 11:30 AM local time or 6 AM UTC,  the earthquakes to be considered are
2016-05-26   06:06:14.08hr 34min ago6.82 N  73.12 W  1533.3 NORTHERN COLOMBIA

2016-05-26   06:36:49.18hr 05min ago50.18 N  1.11 E  03.0 FRANCE

and the results of the analysis are unaltered.