Monday, March 13, 2017

Young India, New India, Ageless, Yearn for Karma! Trees not Metros!

(C) 2017 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

The offering in sacrifice which causes the genesis and support of beings is called Karma- The Bhagavadgita.

Whats your New India when the satrap is so hell bent on destroying Aarey with the Trojan Horse- the  metro car shed and then through the back door assuring the entry of destructive suicidal DEVELOPMENT, creating sewage rivers and air pollution causing genocide? Address that first and show your true mettle. Tell our environment minister to undergo relevant education with the people who are opposing the destruction of Aarey. Relocate your metro car shed to Kanjurmarg and demonstrate your respect for crass survival. You are decimating children in Mumbai through air and water pollution and total destruction of lung space. Shame on you Pied Piper. Improve or all life will be snuffed out. Suresh Prabhu, have a heart and get off Aarey NOW.
There is huge pasture and huge Borivli National Park.  You are allowing 3000 trees to be cut? Why cant you build good smart villages which sustain nature and humans (who are behaving as if they are ignorant of nature) and remove the congestion in Mumbai?
What is the effect of replacing the 3000 trees with car shed pavement?
Mumbai’s 2000 mm of rain in the four months of monsoon will be used by the 3000 trees and more!
The trees transpire their own weight of water in a day! At 100 m^2 crown area, 3000 trees occupy 30 Ha. At 75 t/ha, the dry biomass  of the 3000 trees in the Aarey Colony to be culled is 2250 tons. The rainfall of Mumbai is 2000 mm in the 4 months of the South West Monsoon. The tree transpires its own weight of water in a day. Hence 2250 tons of water will be transpired by the 3000 trees in a single day. At 2m of rain in the SW monsoon of 4 months, the rain on 30 ha area is 3x10^5 m^2x2m=6x10^5 m^3. In 4 months the trees on this area transpire 2250m^3x120d= 270000 m^3 in 4 months, which is 0.45 times the rainfall on this area! But we must include the below ground dry biomass density as well which doubles the transpiration to 540000 m^3 in 4 months or 90% of the rainfall! This then is the reason God created the trees and pastures and the Aarey Colony. Thus this transpired water by pressure difference is transported throughout the region to keep the Borivli National Park and surrounding areas recharged with water and thus the ground water over a large area is usefully utilised by the ecocommunity! The same thing happens wherever there is vegetation in proportion to the density of vegetation there. This transpiration continues during the dry season of eight months and hence the groundwater is kept continuously recharged throughout the year only with the help of all members of the natural community. Destroy the trees and the golden goose collapses.
Think a little bit OUTSIDE THE BOX and keep the community of pastures and trees in the area undisturbed as in all the other areas for crass survival. Above this bottom line drawn by nature, which I call the Lax man rekha, I exhort all whom it may concern to rise up and quell the action to destroy ecology of living space for dubious development which is committing OMNICIDE.