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Collaterals of the Dynamics of the World's Dams: The Crashland in Myanmar,25 Dec 2012

Zee News extract:
"Yangon: A plane with 71 people on board collided with a mountain rock and caught fire Tuesday in poor weather in Myanmar, killing a child passenger and a cyclist on the ground, Xinhua reported.

The F-100 plane belonging to private airline Air Bagan crash-landed in misty conditions on a field near Heho airport in Shan state. Two pilots of the aircraft were injured.

There were 63 passengers, including 51 foreign tourists, in the flight bound for Heho from Yangon.

The plane made an emergency landing around 9 a.m. three kilometres from Heho airport but caught fire after hitting a mountain rock.

Two cyclists were knocked down by the aircraft, killing one of them and injuring the other.

Air Bagan flies to 20 domestic destinations using six planes."

My Analysis
Air crashland on 25 Dec 2012.
9a.m Myanmar time is 230 hrs UTC 
Poor weather. 
Hotspot data:
Hotspots in Myanmar:
Total number of fires detected : 33
 21.444  97.877    2012-12-23    06:45    310.6   38    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    300.0    5.6 
 21.513  96.312    2012-12-23    06:45    314.3   21    1.1  1.0    A    5.0    303.0    9.7 
 22.16  96.194    2012-12-23    06:45    315.1   63    1.1  1.0    A    5.0    301.6    9.6 
 23.04  97.76    2012-12-23    06:45    310.3   36    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    299.3    6.8 
 22.94  96.05    2012-12-23    06:45    313.9   59    1.1  1.0    A    5.0    300.2    11.5

Hotspots adjacent to Myanmar in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam:
Total number of fires detected : 1119

 16.561  105.43    2012-12-23    03:40    315.0   63    1.0  1.0    T    5.0    295.6    12.3 
 16.573  104.865    2012-12-23    03:40    318.7   70    1.0  1.0    T    5.0    299.6    11.6 
 16.266  104.451    2012-12-23    03:40    317.6   68    1.0  1.0    T    5.0    297.0    12.0 
 16.265  104.46    2012-12-23    03:40    316.1   65    1.0  1.0    T    5.0    296.8    10.5 
 15.592  106.677    2012-12-23    03:40    316.2   54    1.2  1.1    T    5.0    293.8    17.5 

So there was a huge wind prevailing from West to East(See hotspot map) from Myanmar to Vietnam.

The poor weather caused pressure differences causing the plane to swerve towards Hohe perhaps uncontrollably with air pockets.

At the time of the crash the water moment arm of the world's dams were dynamically changing positions from the earthquake at Georgia(Sakartavelo) to the earthquake at Dominic Republic Region:
2012-12-25   01:16:37.08hr 20min ago42.52 N  43.42 E  23.2 GEORGIA (SAK'ART'VELO)

3.4  2012/12/25 02:29:17   19.497   -67.925 59.0  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION
Thus it hit the Myanmar longitude in between where the plane was flying, Yangon to Hohe:
Yangon: 16.9097, 96.1350
Hohe: 20.7152, 96.8235
 (C) 2012 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

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Let laws be of God for life's sake. Stop nukes and change over to a normal way which returns.


Gas victims to join anti-nuke protest in Kudankulam

TNN | Dec 2, 2012, 02.26 AM IST

One set of people are the victims and the other set are those who will be wiped out -their traditions and way of life will soon be destroyed. The Bhopal victims are expressing solidarity with the Kudankulam protesters who want to prevent us becoming nuclear wastes. How nice it would be if the web of life were not poisoned transgenerationally leading to extinction. The people of Jaduguda must also meet with Kudankulam people because they have become victims of radiation contamination. When I expressed my views on nuclear liability in Deccan Herald I find that malware had been placed in the online paper by a third party courtesy info from an internet management system to copy me from via the newsline website! When nuclear energy programmes consume more than they deliver, where is the rationale to build nuclear fuel cycles? The scam must be nipped in the bud. Even the existing 4780 MW nukes must be shutdown forthwith. Instead of jailing the rulers who are thrusting the nukes on us, the authorities are jailing the people. This is a slave state. Mahatma Gandhi saw through the deception of Clive and Macaulay and Disraeli when he was horrified at the prospect of modern civilization(mc) destroying itself with passage of time. We are seeing crystal clear the machinations of the protagonists of mc in the manifestations as their machines interact with nature. See for example the pathetic tragedy of the Japanese tunnel collapse and fire which charred people and I remark:
This tragedy is in line with a series of serious life and death disasters(for those involved and others who will be in future) caused by dams. Google search for Predicting Earthquakes/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar and check out the unfolding pralaya like situations. The surges induced by the world's dams are traveling around through the earth in surge waves causing earthquakes and related events like infrastructure collapses by a nuclear effect that caused the Fukushima ongoing catastrophe. More Fukushimas around the world are certain to occur because of this phenomenon which has rigid scientific validity. These are all preceded by deep focus earthquakes also triggered by the dams.Dont you dare to steal my work from the computer I am using. Dont make me go to the cybercafe. The 4000 MW  thermal power at 35% efficiency that will be commissioned in North Chennai will not give any electricity to the Kudankulamese. Rather 1000 MW will be theft, 3000MW will go to build nukes! For years! And so on we will forever be short of power as the robbers go on building nukes after nukes, followed by thermals after thermals,followed by hydros after hydros(to enable the grid to supply rapid power fluctuations) but we the society will forever be supplying time, money, labour, capital to the nukes and get ruined into nuclear wastes and extinction. Arise, awake and agitate and with good organisation usher in the new era of luscious mangoes and healthy people and all other life forever. Let laws be of God for life's sake.Om!

The Japanese Tunnel Collapse and Fire on 1 December 2012 at 2300 hrs UTC Caused by the World's Dams


Burned bodies found after Japanese tunnel collapse - CNN.com

This tragedy is in line with a series of serious life and death disasters(for those involved and others who will be in future) caused by dams. Google search for Predicting Earthquakes/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar and check out the unfolding pralaya like situations. The surges induced by the world's dams are travelling around through the earth in surge waves causing earthquakes and related events like infrastructure collapses by a nuclear effect that caused the Fukushima ongoing catastrophe. More Fukushimas around the world are certain to occur because of this phenomenon which has rigid scientific validity. These are all preceded by deep focus earthquakes also triggered by the dams.
Link: http://predictingquakes.blogspot.com

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News » National

Jaguar crashes in North Sikkim


A Jaguar fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force crashed in a forest near Lik in Upper Dzongu in North Sikkim on Friday, but the fate of the pilot was not immediately known.
Colonel Gurung of 27 Mountain Division stationed in North Sikkim told reporters that the fighter jet crashed at 1:15 pm.
The aircraft had taken off from Bagdogra airport near Siliguri in West Bengal, Col Gurung said.
The location North Sikkim: 27.48333,88.525 to 27.52333,88.55306 and Bagdogra Airport
26.6995, 88.3189
The time on 30th November 745 hrs UTC
The earthquakes earlier and later than this time and west and east of this longitude(See below)
are the locations from where the dam surge hopped from and to and in between at the Sikkim location it caused an anomalous weather node and caused the Jaguar to go beyond its design basis and crashed. See several instances at
Table 1: The earthquakes from which the dam surge hopped from and to after causing the Jaguar crash(applying the precautionary principle). The earthquake after the Jaguar crash:
30/11/2012 19:39:29 27.3°N 88.3°E 10 4.1 WEST, SIKKIM
The Jaguar crash relevant earthquakes:

2012-11-30   06:48:20.0
48.21 N  154.95 E  40  5.0 KURIL ISLANDS

2012-11-30   08:08:09.0
24.99 N  60.74 E  4.4 GULF OF OMAN

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The Gwalior train Fire Collateral on 29th November at 1045 hrs UTC

The Collaterals of Climate Change induced by dams continue..
webindia123.com has this for its 30 November 2012 story:
Two AC coaches of Gwalior Express gutted in fire, one dead
Gwalior | November 30, 2012 12:01:13 AM IST
Sidholi 26.0471,85.9356 at 2045 hrs utc on 29Nov 2012

At least two AC coaches of GT Express caught fire near Gwalior on Friday, leaving one person dead because of the trauma.
According to reports, the person died due to heart attack during the commotion. The train caught fire at Sidholi station near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.
The passengers were held midway and were immediately evacuated from the train, which was bound to Chennai.
Anil, a passenger, said that an elderly couple woke the passengers and alerted them about the fire.
"An elderly couple woke us up and there was smoke inside the whole coach. They woke everybody and we also left our luggage. The incident took place at around 2:15 am and later we were also asked to be alert by the railway official," he said.
The two quakes after and before this occurrence at  Sidholi 26.0471,85.9356 at 2045 hrs utc on 29Nov 2012 are given below. As the dam disequilibrium surge of water moment change was passing from the Bio-Bio Chile earthquake to the quake at DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE, the fire took place at Sidholi, as the surge hit the rock below the train station and the heat caused the fire. See the raging hotspots in the region around Sidholi:
Total number of fires detected : 147
 23.775  86.396    2012-11-26    16:30    308.2   51    1.0  1.0    T    5.0    292.0    13.6 
 23.775  86.396    2012-11-27    19:55    309.8   68    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    291.2    17.5 
 27.373  82.635    2012-11-27    07:50    320.0   72    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    299.2    17.1 
 27.402  82.976    2012-11-27    07:50    310.4   37    1.1  1.0    A    5.0    298.1    7.8 
 27.306  82.61    2012-11-27    07:50    313.3   54    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    299.2    9.5

2012-11-29   21:22:13.0 37.13 N  26.82 E  263.2 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE

2012-11-29   20:40:59.0 36.43 S  71.08 W  3 4.1 BIO-BIO, CHILE  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Collaterals of Climate Change caused by the world's dams: Fire and Flyover collapse Bangladesh,fire at Kolkata Hospital all on 24 November 2012.

© 2012 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
Analysis of earthquakes and earthquake related events on 24 November 2012

The dams of the world acting through their center of gravity at approximately 27,127 caused a deep focus  earthquake south of Fiji Islands at 030244 UTC. This was followed at 10:21  hours plus later by an earthquake at Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands at 50.246, 179.039. As the water moment surge vector was hunting for another earthquake fulcrum, it caused a fire in a Bangladesh Garment Factory at 14:00 hrs UTC at Ashulia Savar suburb of Dhaka(22.8838,90.3911) and a flyover collapse at Chittagong(

22.3304, 91.8252). Thereafter the water moment surge caused an earthquake in the Caucasus Region, Russia at 14:17:33.8 at 43.41, 44.26. This was followed at 16:25:09.0 by an earthquake in Southern Italy at 39.87,15.98, an earthquake in Banda Sea, Indonesia at 16:26:40 at -6.155,130.585, a  Fire in Kolkata near  the pediatric ward  in the SSKM Hospital at 22.5726, 88.3639 and then an earthquake at 16:37:02.0 in Eastern Turkey at 38.86, 43.58.

Timeline of earthquake related events on 24 November 2012(All times UTC)

4.6  2012/11/24 03:02:44  -26.024  -178.868 494.9  SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS
 3.1  2012/11/24 13:24:24   50.246   179.039 41.6  RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
24/11/2012 14:00 Fire in Garment Factory at Ashulia Savar, Dhaka, 22.8838,90.3911
24/11/2012 14:00 Flyover Collapse, Chittagong(22.3304, 91.8252).
2012-11-24   14:17:33.843.41 N  44.26 E  203.5 CAUCASUS REGION, RUSSIA
2012-11-24   16:25:09.039.87 N  15.98 E  92.7 SOUTHERN ITALY
24/11/2012 Around 1630 Fire in Kolkata at State run Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial (SSKM) Hospital near the pediatric ward at 22.5726, 88.3639.
 4.7  2012/11/24 16:26:40   -6.155   130.585 123.6  BANDA SEA
2012-11-24   16:37:02.038.86 N  43.58 E  122.3 EASTERN TURKEY

And then there is this in North Kashmir, India:

Kashmir fire: 46 houses gutted in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is at 34.0161,75.3150.
As the archimedean lever of the water moment surge of the dams passed from the earthquake at Peurto Rico to Dodecanese Islands Greece causing the earthquake in Greece, it caused a massive fire in Pahalgam at 21 hrs UTC on 24th November 2012:
The quake data:
4.4  2012/11/24 21:04:18   36.515   27.908 10.0  DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
MAP 2.6  2012/11/24 20:40:24   18.064   -67.097 6.0  PUERTO RICO
MAP 5.3  2012/11/24 20:28:50   6.461   123.494 600.3  MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES

Factory fire, flyover collapse kill 137 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov 25 (PTI)


Fire at Bengal's largest state-run hospital


The scientific basis of this analysis.
What is common to the antecedents of these phenomena is the cause or may be the cause of the phenomena. The common factor is the water moment surge of the dams.
The fires, or the infrastructure collapse(flyover bridge in this case) are always preceded by and are followed by earthquakes  at longitudes between which the phenomenon is located.
The confidence in the truth of the rule is being strengthened by repeated confirmation whenever these phenomena occur. The phenomena are plausible from basic principles of dynamics as applied to dams.
See Earthquakes Caused by Dams at

But the story of the interconnectedness of the world's weather systems via the direct heating up effects of the dams in a positive feedback is not complete without connecting what is for example happening in the UK. Note that UK's longitude band is -8.78 to 1.76. 
nov 23 2012 to nov 27 2012  uk floods: UK reports:

Now have a look at the longitude range of the happenings in Bangladesh, India and China mentioned above:
South of Fiji Islands deep focus earthquake on 24th November: Longitude -178.868= -180+1.132.
Now longitude 1.132 falls within the UK!
Next we have the Alaskan quake on 24th November at longitude 179.039= 180 - 0.961 and 0.961 is within UK!
And the fire in the garment factory near Dhaka,Bangladesh has longitude 90.3911 and 0.3911 is within UK!
Flyover collapse Chittagong, Bangladesh was at longitude 91.8252 and  longitude -1.8252 is in UK!
Note the rule for quakes and related events what happens at  longitude x happens at  longitude -x.
The Kolkata Hospital longitude  88.3639 is 90- 1.6361 and 1.6361 is within bounds of UK!
Also a China quake happened on 26th November 2012 at
 4.0  2012/11/26 16:36:54   32.656   88.298 35.0  WESTERN XIZANG
and at
5.5  2012/11/26 05:33:51   40.419   90.374 19.9  SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA
And 88.298=90- 1.702 and 1.702 or -1.702 is within UK longitude band! 
What is happening in UK(floods) are related to happenings triggered by dam surges in related longitude bands elsewhere on the globe during the same time period like earthquakes, fires, infrastructure collapses/damages via the antecedents to these phenomena, namely the cumulative positive feedback effects of surges in dam contents. Dams are persisting in causing the antecedent moments and forces causing climate change, by persistently heating up the earth and influencing changes in weather patterns. 

Similarly see what happened in Konnur:

Fire breaks out in shops near Kannur Railway station

Kannur (Ker),Nov 28, 2012, (PTI) :
A major fire broke out today in a row of shops near Kannur Railway Station, police said.
Six shops were gutted and five partially in the fire, which was noticed at about 4.30 AM. No one was injured.

The analysis:
I suspect contrary to a short circuit, a deeper cause, the root cause: The terrible forces unleashed by surges in the total daily contents of dams because of water consumption by electric demand and other uses. See details by google search at Collaterals of Climate Change. The fire took place at 430 AM IST on 28 November or 23 hrs UTC on 27 November 2012 where IST is UTC+530. See the earthquakes at longitudes left and right of Kannur(11.0803, 75.3762):
2012-11-27 23:30:53. 32.17 S 70.20 W 113 3.0 SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA
2012-11-27 22:44:04. 38.99 N 22.18 E 10 3.5 GREECE
As the archimedean lever from the centre of gravity of the world's dams(27,127) started from the earthquake at Greece at 22:44:04 and was passing Kannur at 2300 hrs it struck the shops at Kannur causing the fire before it caused another quake at San Juan Argentina at 23:30:53. 

And take this on 28 November 2012 in Mumbai:
Mittal Tower building at Nariman Point in Mumbai turned into a gigantic inferno this morning. Suddenly smoke started coming out of the front windows of the fifth floor of the building. The incident took place in an office on the fifth floor of the Mittal Tower building, officials of the fire brigade said.  This happened at 9 AM IST or 330 hrs UTC. The location: 19.0760, 72.8777 
The quakes on the left and right of this longitude at times earlier and later than the inferno are:
2012-11-28   02:43:46.0 39.93 N  16.00 E  3.0 SOUTHERN ITALY

2012-11-28   03:09:49.0 4.50 S  76.12 W  117  5.6 NORTHERN PERU
2012-11-28   03:59:39.0 29.49 S  71.75 W  55  3.0 OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE

2012-11-28   05:30:13.0 41.92 N  77.69 E  40  4.9 KYRGYZSTAN

And this on 29th November around 6 hrs UTC:

States » Kerala

Major rail accident averted in Alappuzha

Staff Reporter
A major rail accident was averted in the Ernakulam-Kayamkulam passenger near Alappuzha railway station. The upper part of the bogey had got partially disloged from the underframe as the train was about to halt at Alappuzha station around 11.30 a.m(IST). Eight persons, including women in the bogey were safe. No one was hurt in the incident. Alappuzha is at 9.4981,76.3388. 

On the left and right of Alappuzha ( 9.4981,76.3388), the following quakes took place:
2012-11-29   05:54:37.0 27.24 N  55.12 E  5 3.6 SOUTHERN IRAN

2012-11-29   05:41:29.0 21.07 S  170.00 E  88 4.8 SOUTHEAST OF LOYALTY ISLANDS

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Major blaze at Pandhalur Tea Factory: Dams may be the cause

13 August 2012, 2330 UTC Monday

Major fire at INDCO tea factory near Ooty

D. Radhakrishnan

A major fire broke out at the Industrial Cooperative (INDCO) tea factory at Pandhalur, about 75 km from here, on Tuesday. No one was injured. The building and the machinery worth several lakhs of rupees were damaged.
A.S. Jaffry, Managing Director, INDCOSERVE, the apex body of the INDCO factories in the district, told The Hindu that the fire was noticed around 5 a.m. The machineries had been switched off and there was no one inside when the blaze broke out. It was extinguished by workers in the vicinity and fire and rescue services personnel from Gudalur. Though short circuit was suspected, the exact reason would be known only after the completion of investigation. The damage was being assessed by insurance and factory officials."
My analysis.
Pandhalur 2330 UTC on 13 August 2012
Location: 11.0804, 76.1697
One possible cause of such frequent blazes is the surge waves of forces and bending moment traveling through the crust of the earth. During the process of moving from one earthquake focal point(Alaska)
to Eastern Turkey (the other earthquake focal point) the surge wave hit the tea factory at Pandhalur and the friction heat on the rocky foundation of the building caused the blaze.
The Alaska Focal point details:

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP 2.5  2012/08/13 23:16:22   59.304  -152.627 70.4  SOUTHERN ALASKA
The Eastern Turkey focal point:(Date,Time,Lat,Long,Depth,Magnitude, Location name
2012-08-13   23:55:03.740.00 N  41.34 E  82.0 EASTERN TURKEY

Note that Pandhalur is located in between these two space and time slots.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dams the possible cause of Mantralaya Fire?

Re: The Hindu, Mumbai, June 21, 2012,Towering inferno engulfs Mumbai’s seat of power:Shoumojit Banerjee,
Vinaya Deshpande

This blaze and similar blazes around the world raises an important question:Are the structures of modern civilization vulnerable to the cumulative effects of dams of the world? Put this on google search and click on this line there. My article livingnormally will give details of the data on the basis of which this becomes a fact. In the Mantralaya fire at the top floor,at the time of the blaze, the dams of the world were responding to rapid change in their contents over the past week because of heavy rains(for example see the daily rain data at the IMD website) and this resulted in a series of surges of water moment waves traveling through the earth's crust. And at the instance of the fire, the dynamics of this phenomenon was adjusting to get a new fulcrum from an earthquake in Central Alaska to another which occurred shortly thereafter at 907 utc  in Eastern Turkey. During the dynamic disequilibrium, the water moment twistor might have struck Mantralaya causing the fire.
Check out: http://livingnormally.blogspot.in/2012/05/are-structures-of-modern-civilization.html

We should not be so quickly judgmental in our comments. Our competent engineers and learned people are also in the various enterprises, both state and private. If you meet and talk to some of them you will quickly realise that you are probably in safe hands. But we are in a society of specialists and these designs are based on expertise which may only be semi prudent in modern civilization which is based on false foundations. Assuming that all precautions had been taken,we cannot rule out the shortcomings of the paradigm presently ruling the roost. The cumulative effects of modern civilization are causing many a design and process to go far beyond the design basis envelope. Dams of the world are found to cause surges of force and bending moment which are of the same ball park magnitude as tectonic forces and the cumulative effects could have easily caused the fourth floor fire. The surges would have caused the foundations of Mantralaya to be heated up to such an extent that the steel frame of the building would have conducted the heat to the fourth floor drums or the electric wires- and presto, the fire and the blaze! At the time of the blaze, the dam surges were passing through Mantralaya from an earthquake at Potosi, Bolivia, to an earthquake in the Adriatic Sea. The time of arrival of the surge coincides with the time of the blaze(Mumbai local Time= UTC + 530)! This is not an isolated instance of process and design failures being experienced at the ground level of the  infratructures of modern civilization. 
The time line data:
Date Time Latitude Longitude Depth,km   Magnitude of Quake,MM   Region
2013-03-09   05:47:54.821.83 S  66.44 W  3004.1 POTOSI, BOLIVIA
2013-03-09   06:26:00                     18.9272  N   72.826    E          0    -     MANTRALAYA,MUMBAI
2013-03-09   06:58:10                     42.85      N    17.48     E        10  3.5   ADRIATIC SEA

The Calculations
The distance from Potosi, Bolivia to Adriatic Sea is 11158 km. The distance from Potosi, Bolivia to Mantralaya, Mumbai on the same route is 5374 km.
The time taken for the dam surges to travel from Potosi, Bolivia to the Adriatic Sea is the difference,A, between the time of earthquake at Adriatic Sea and that of the quake at potosi, Bolivia and is 1 hr 10m 15.2s.
Thus the time taken for the surges to arrive at Mantralaya is  T=
(Distance Potosi to Adriatic Sea/Distance Potosi to Mantralaya)x ( A) or
(5374/11158)x(1hr 10m 15.2s)= 0.56 hr
The time of arrival of the surge at Mantralaya is thus the time of Potosi quake+ T= 6h 21m 45s.
DNA newsreport cites 1212 PM for the time of  the fire while Indian Express cites 1140 AM. Let us take the mean of these two which is 11h 56m IST or 6h 26m UTC.
It is thus reasonable that the blaze aoccurred with the arrival of the dam surge at Mantralaya.
See all the articles in Collaterals of Climate Change for favourable instances of the conclusion that dam surges are the culprit for the failures of modern designs and processes.



Along with
    Fire in cargo complex of Mumbai airport brought under control
    Fire at Oberoi Mall in Goregaon, Mumbai
    Mantralaya fire: Forensic report rules out sabotage
    Rs. 100 cr will be used to repair Mantralaya
we now have on Nagasaki Day the 9th August 2012 a fire engulfing the 9th Floor in a ten floor apartment building in Tardeo, Express Building.
Why the fire? And so many instances? Typically it occurs on the top or the topmost floor. Why? The reason is the dynamic readjustment in the forces causing earthquakes in the world as the surge waves of the forces travel from one earthquake location to another earthquake location. These forces are being caused by dams of the world as their cumulative effect. The forces are the total weight of water masses of clusters of dams and they act at their respective centers of gravity. They exert a water moment surge on points of the earth which offer them fulcra on which to apply the surge moment – the Archimedean lever effect. These are of the same magnitude as those which cause plate tectonic forces. In this case, the total water moment surge wave was passing from the earthquake location at Lombock Region Indonesia to the newly created earthquake hypocenter in the Northern Colombia Region at 120059 UTC(Universal Coordinated Time) that is, at 173059 IST. During this dynamic transfer, the moment surge hit the foundation of the Express Building at 1730 hrs IST and the heat traveled all the way to the 9th floor where for some reason the heat conductivity became low and the steel frame caught fire and the ninth floor erupted into flames.
The details of the two earthquakes are:
5.2  2012/08/09 11:04:26   -8.798   116.343 117.0  LOMBOK REGION, INDONESIA
 4.6  2012/08/09 12:00:59   6.460   -71.969  27.9  NORTHERN COLOMBIA
The description is similar to the analysis done for the Hitachi Plant Fire( See Update time = Thu Jul 19 6:46:04 UTC 2012 at http://predictingquakes.blogspot.in/2012/03/predicting-earthquakes-2012-ramaswami.html  )

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Update time = Sun Mar 25 16:00:05 UTC 2012

The Uttarakhand Bridge at Pauri collapsed at 3 AM IST on 25 Mar 2012, that is at 2130 hrs UTC on 24 March 2012 killing five people and injuring 30. This was under construction.
The location is Pauri 30.15, 78.7753
There were hotspots observed in the area on 24 Mar 2012:
Total number of fires detected : 21
28.517 79.774 2012-03-24 05:30 320.0 72 1.0 1.0 T 5.0 306.2 10.2
28.492 78.225 2012-03-24 05:30 318.0 62 1.0 1.0 T 5.0 306.1 10.4
32.307 76.754 2012-03-24 05:25 314.0 42 1.3 1.1 T 5.0 294.9 24.6
30.835 76.813 2012-03-24 05:25 325.2 78 1.2 1.1 T 5.0 308.0 19.4
30.495 78.709 2012-03-24 05:25 316.9 66 1.0 1.0 T 5.0 301.7 14.1

There were earthquakes in this region or related regions:
2012-03-24   21:54:53.042.68 N  145.06 E  10 4.8 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION

2012-03-24   20:53:14.015.27 S  173.72 W  100  4.7 TONGA

During this period of readjustment of the gigantic dynamics of the surge waves of water moment changes, the Utaarakahand bridge damage occurred and it collapsed.

4.4 2012/03/24 06:52:12 -6.379 -80.016 72.7 NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU

4.8 2012/03/24 04:43:53 -20.089 14.354 13.9 NAMIBIA

4.9 2012/03/23 15:34:40 -17.544 167.621 10.0 VANUATU
MAP 4.9 2012/03/23 15:04:06 -17.720 167.540 49.4 VANUATU

2.5 2012/03/23 02:37:22 42.754 -77.855 2.0 NEW YORK

5.0 2012/03/22 12:59:29 -15.276 167.439 149.0 VANUATU

5.0 2012/03/20 15:06:02 -19.812 169.257 132.6 VANUATU

4.8 2012/03/19 19:59:10 -5.783 -80.482 85.4 NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU
4.8 2012/03/25 03:59:10 -4.053 -104.245 10.1 CENTRAL EAST PACIFIC RISE

4.5 2012/03/24 23:03:05 10.334 -104.167 10.0 NORTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE

2012/03/16 18:30:47 37.52N 78.10W 5 2.3 VIRGINIA
2012/03/16 18:30:47 37.52N 78.10W 5 2.3 VIRGINIA

2012/03/16 16:34:07 3.10N 77.96W 42 4.7 NEAR THE WEST COAST OF COLOMBIA

2012/03/14 16:31:42 18.31N 102.02W 72 4.3 MICHOACAN, MEXICO

2012/03/13 19:16:06 4.70S 102.09E 59 4.6 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA

2012/03/14 10:52:37 10.30S 75.94W 136 5.4 CENTRAL PERU

2012/03/13 23:16:20 17.68S 166.91E 35 5.1 VANUATU

2012/03/11 08:20:36 12.53S 77.13W 52 4.2 NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL PERU

2012/03/10 16:00:52 6.03S 103.88E 35 4.5 SOUTHWEST OF SUMATRA, INDONESIA

2012/03/10 08:34:50 19.18N 76.40W 10 4.8 CUBA REGION

2012/03/09 08:21:04 19.12S 169.84E 10 4.9 VANUATU
2012/03/09 07:36:39 19.05S 169.34E 10 4.9 VANUATU
2012/03/09 07:23:18 19.04S 169.51E 10 4.8 VANUATU
2012/03/09 07:09:50 19.12S 169.61E 16 6.7 VANUATU

2012/03/09 02:03:32 8.53S 80.29W 37 4.8 OFF THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU

2012/03/08 22:50:08 39.39N 81.34E 38 5.7 SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

2012/03/08 01:02:17 37.46N 78.37E 40 4.6 SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

2012/03/07 13:18:23 32.02N 78.10E 60 4.3 KASHMIR-XIZANG BORDER REGION

2012/03/07 04:39:37 9.54N 79.06W 48 4.7 PANAMA

2012/03/06 14:20:02 52.97S 10.26E 10 4.8 SOUTHWEST OF AFRICA

2012/03/05 07:41:06 28.80N 76.77E 19 5.2 HARYANA - DELHI REGION, INDIA

2012/03/04 23:17:07 4.32S 102.70E 73 5.1 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA

2012/03/04 17:11:48 30.25N 101.85E 32 4.3 WESTERN SICHUAN, CHINA

2012/03/02 21:30:50 40.47N 77.21E 55 4.5 SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA

2012/03/02 06:52:14 49.20S 10.25W 10 4.6 SOUTHWESTERN ATLANTIC OCEAN

2012/02/28 08:07:11 52.38S 12.85E 10 4.6 SOUTHWEST OF AFRICA

2012/02/28 05:15:00 37.92N 77.99W 4 1.8 VIRGINIA

2012/02/27 04:30:47 36.15N 100.56W 5 2.8 TEXAS PANHANDLE REGION

2012/02/26 23:08:47 29.68N 81.09E 35 4.4 NEPAL

2012/02/26 10:20:50 52.42N 169.38W 30 2.7 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA

2012/02/26 04:46:15 18.16N 100.33W 55 4.0 GUERRERO, MEXICO