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Riga Mall Collapse of 21 November 2013: Surges of the World's Dams the Plausible Cause

Riga supermarket roof collapse
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Riga supermarket roof collapse Riga Maxima supermarket collapse.jpg:
Area of the site on 23 November 2013

Date     21 November 2013
Time     17:41–18:00 PM UTC+2
Location             Priedaines iela 20, Zolit┼źde, Riga, Latvia
Coordinates             56°56′38″N 24°1′3″ECoordinates: 56°56′38″N 24°1′3″E
Cause   Under investigation
Deaths 54
Injuries             39

The roof of a Maxima supermarket located in Zolit┼źde, Priedaines street 20 in Riga, Latvia, collapsed on 21 November 2013 at 17:41 local time. The disaster killed 54 people including three rescue workers; another 39 were injured and received medical attention.[1][2] This was the worst disaster in Latvia since 1950, when the steamer Mayakovsky sank in Riga, resulting in the deaths of 147 people.[3]


Eyewitnesses said that at around 16:21 a fire alarm was set off and there were announcements made that the store should be evacuated. Security personnel verified this to be related to welding construction in the basement and switched off the alarm. It was later reported that the owner of the company which had installed the alarm said that it was designed to detect fire emergencies. He said it is unlikely that the alarm was set off by dust from the roof starting to collapse, as it was set off near water pipes in the basement. The store's security verified that there was no fire and therefore did not carry out an evacuation, but rather treated it as a false alarm and called in a technician to turn it off. The building collapsed shortly after the technician arrived and he was not able to verify why the alarm went off.[11] A board member of "Maxima Latvija" said that security had followed protocol, which was not to evacuate if there was no visible danger.[12] According to some reports the smaller shops in the retail centre, unlike Maxima, were evacuated and closed down.[13]

Earthquakes at the time:
2013-11-21   14:15:22.0            49.14             N              8.16             E              4            2.0       GERMANY
2013-11-21   14:30:13.0            40.52             N              42.50             E              8            2.1       EASTERN TURKEY
Riga Latitude = 56.9496, Longitude = 24.1052
Distance from earthquake in Germany to that in Eastern Turkey: 2842 km.
Distance from earthquake in Germany to Riga: 1368 km.
Time interval between the two quakes: 00:14:51 or 14/60+51/3600 =0.2475 hr
Time interval fro the dam surge wave to pass between the quake in Germany to Riga: 0.2475x(1368/2842) =0.1191 hr =7 m 8.884 s
Time of surge wave arrival at Riga after the quake in Germany: 14: 22:30.884
The fire alarm went off at 1421 UTC
The two times – fire alarm and time of surge arrival differ by 1m 30.884s or by
The belief in the truth of a law increases in direct proportion to the number of favourable instances of the law( of the cumulative effects of dams)
See http://earthquakescausedbydams.blogspot.in

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