Sunday, September 7, 2014



What a mess this modern civilization is creating! Specializations have become obsolete! All designs beyond the design basis envelope. If there are any organisations which can deliver prevention measures on an emergency footing they are the leaders of the nations of the world backed to the hilt by the support of the respective governments on a decentralised basis taking the help of the people in cooperatives of,by and for the people starting from the mohallas. Come on have a heart and realise the worth of plants as saviours of all life for all time. See the infinite superiority of the trees and other veg compared to dams which are stupidly engineered specialist deforesters and  slaves of gravity. Reforest Mother Earth to Live! Fund the ecologically based rejuvenation of the world by tree planting, nursing, protecting  measures putting people in the forefront. Thats the way to avoid the recurring climate change phenomena created by modern civilization! Then happiness of all life will drive the way of life from negative efficiency and infinite costs to infinite efficiency and zero costs. Get the message from earthquakes caused by dams by google search and Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs. Get the truth based Harikatha from the Complete Profile of Ramaswami Ashok Kumar by googling.
See this historical account of Jammu and Kashmir devastating floods through the years of modern civilization when the Briitish destroyed our forests from 1700 or onwards:

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  1. The J&K is sensible to appreciate the function of forests in preventing
    floods and droughts. Fundamental physiological properties of plants state
    that a tree transpires more than its own weight of water in a day.The area of
    J&K is 222236 km^2. The rainfall this year from 1 June to 11 August 2015(72d)
    was 434.5 mm or about 100 billion cubic meters(BCM). At a dry biomass forest
    density in J&K of 10.0 kg/m^2, the amount of water transpired back into
    the skies by the forests in 72 days amounts to 150.0 BCM! No wonder
    deforestation has caused J&K floods! The biggest developemnt project
    for India for the next millennium is ecological reforestation with
    people's cooperatives managing and enjoying the fruits of labour.