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Re: Embrace China, not USA
By Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Oct 17, 2014 :
Reduction of incomes of the developed countries is necessary to increase our share and this will only be possible if China and India join hands.

In the midst of the suicidal mess that modern civilization(MC) has long proved to be, the author would like us to go ahead in this self destructive MC's economic framework for survival. "There is no softening of stand by
US companies on making investments in Indian nuclear power sector." As if nuclear power sector of MC is worthwhile investment. See the negative efficiency infinite cost future that nuclear power is at The Unacceptable Dangers of Nuclear Energy by google search. 

Hudhud has proved the potential for the 9654 megawatt Kovvada to be melted into several Kovas. The climate change effects that the world's dams have caused is a permanent feature with a growth oriented MC: J&K floods(1 trillion rupees), Vishakapatnam destruction Rs 70000 Cr, Assam Floods... in just 2014!
MC is not the way. A normal way of life is. We must throw overboard almost the whole of MC, if the West is to meet the East, said the Mahatma. But he also said that the West can meet the East if the East embraces MC. But that will be an armed truce. The arm twisting that China is indulging in with regard to that most important commodity of MC-Land is a common factor whichever way we look at in MC. Putting all eggs(desi anda is the only healthy stuff)in MC is suicide. What is that talisman called a normal way of life? In one word, it is called Return! The magic is production, consumption and return! MC: Production, consumptive consumption and non-returnable wastes! The millennium long survival mantra of normality is Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

Mining versus Return
MC is a parallel economy of looting the earth, parallel to nature whose maxim is the survival strategy of return on a finite planet. We will be losing all our precious microscopic forests to the great DMC: Develop in MC into paupers by surrendering precious land to MC's growth into zero! Land on which nature did its magic of production, consumption and return, using soil, air and water and the sun on the land: Not sun only, or rain only or wind only or electricity only by mining ores from the earth endlessly. If you work in harmony with nature, it is infinite efficiency, zero cost happiness of all life for all time! Without any inputs of fuel and therefore at infinite efficiency, you run living day in and day out with the sun! Refrain: Return of all is the mantra of normality.Abandon MC or perish! Look at Germany as an example for study, not necessarily for a xerox: She is phasing out 20000 MW of nukes.And looking fondly at the sun. We should not waste our living energy including the growth of forests when we applaud the fusion only in the sun!

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