Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Meltdown Emergency Drill for Tarapur Nuclear Power Park


The dams which caused the triple meltdown at Fukushima by a great earthquake of 9.0 MM magnitude also pose a grave threat to Tarapur, applying the precautionary principle. There were 220 earthquakes in a 500km radius around Tarapur Station during the hydrological years 1973 to 2013, 95% of which were within 220 to 256 km of Tarapur Nuclear Power Station(similar distance to the quakes which occur around Fukushima). The power surge due to dams of the world at Tarapur would be about 600000 terawatts, five orders of magnitude more than the entire electrical capacity of the world of 6 terawatts. Considering that the simultaneous, instantaneous, cumulative reservoir content changes of all the dams in the world due to water consumption demands is at present 250 billion cubic meters from instant to instant, which is 1 to 2 percent of the world reservoir capacity, it would be unwise, nay suicidal moorkhapaddhati, to dismiss the threat posed by this ubiquitously occurring dynamics. Modern civilization is committing suicide because of the false foundations on which it is based. The death knell was sounded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1908 when he proclaimed: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Hats off to the sagacity of the civiic administration. Please put pressure on the concerned authorities so that saner councils would prevail. Its best to shut down the negative efficiency infinite cost nukes now as Germany has decided after having one look at Fukushima.

The details of the issue at Tarapur are shown in Table T below:

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