Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Airplane crashes and the world's dams: The need for a normal civilization to see the cause


Even the latest airplanes encounter conditions beyond the design basis envelope and crash! This is because modern civilization(mc) itself is based on false foundations: The separate existences are true and non-interacting. The truth is however the basis of a normal civilization which recognises that the separate existences are rigidly interconnected and behave as one entity. Thus the principle of perfect design is that transcending all is the Unknowable: True Knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives; in the separate the one inseparable! Normal civilization immediately recognises the fallacy of mc's designs. Applying the precautionary principle one must recognise the cumulative effects of the separate artefacts of mc. One of the major culprits is the design for meeting water needs like dams- the surface water storages. The glaring lacuna in the dam is that there is nothing to take care of the simultaneous instantaneous surges of water pressure head that appears at the centre of gravity(CG) of the water masses of all the world's reservoirs behind dams from instant to instant as a response to the moment to moment water demands of mc. These water pressure head changes are due to dam content changes of the order of hundreds of billions of cubic meters(BCM) of water(about one to 2 % of the world's total dam capacity of about 15000 BCM). This results in water moment surges all round the centre of gravity(CG) all over the world. At an instant which is ripe for say an earthquake or a thunderstorm or a landslide, at some point on the globe the water surge may strike with a power of hundreds of thousands of terawatts(a terawatt is a trillion watts:10^12 watts).For contrast, the world's electrical capacity totals hardly 6 terawatts! An aeroplane caught in such a thunderstorm factory thus experiences a giant instantaneous sledge hammer thrust downwards in the storm created by the surges and thus many orders of magnitude higher than the maximum thrust the plane is capable of. Such an event explains the impulse descent of a series of airbuses and boeings and other planes: the plane hitting the Alps in this instance is just another one, applying the precautionary principle. The actors in mc will pick up the pieces and make a micro analysis as done hitherto but the interactive surges of the dams is well beyond mc's specialist isolated thinking abilities. However there is a dim recognition of the hazards of flying into a thunderstorm factory, but no idea they have of the ultimate cause, the interacting horrors of the power of dams-a creation of mc's design philosophy. 
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Reference: Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs(See by google search).


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“To save the climate, don’t plant trees” is plain witchcraft

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 “To save the climate, don’t plant trees” is plain witchcraft. The world's dams have made a mess of modern civilization(MC) and their cumulative simultaneous surges are creating extinction level events like Fukushima. Dams are causing climate change by direct heating up of the earth. Every hydrological year they are destroying modern civilization in unaffordable ways. The infinitely superior way out is regenerating forests via a millennium development process of forest density build up in the world in ecologically compatible ways through people's cooperatives. Simultaneously phase out dams. Reduce MC's energy consumption by 75% by efficient energy END USE. Redesign ways of living so that they respect the bottomline: ecological compatability. Recognise that environment is development. Instead the MC is encouraging daily world travel for day to day economics! Absolutely stupid specialization. Recognise that everything is interconnected and stop mining for fuel NOW by resorting to living energy enjoyment by maximising use of that extraterrestrial source of fuel free energy called the sun which keeps the world's climate in balance via living energy.  MC transgressed all decency by even demanding electricity use in the barber's shop and personally using electric shavers! Stop unnecessary plugins. Ways of living must maximise use of mass transportation after compulsory designs which enable you to walk to work and play. The dam surges which undo the work of absorption of CO2 by the oceans by throwing them out to the sky are putting in a power impulse into ocean mixing of  a million terawatts in the Antarctic! See
The power input into the Hudhud cyclone by the world's dams which destroyed Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh just a few days ago in October 2014 was 400000 terawatts!
By comparison, the entire world electrical capacity is 6 terawatts! 
Reforest Mother Earth to Live!
Reforest Mother Earth to Live: Relegate floods and droughts to history-Assam Floods September 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Meltdown Emergency Drill for Tarapur Nuclear Power Park


The dams which caused the triple meltdown at Fukushima by a great earthquake of 9.0 MM magnitude also pose a grave threat to Tarapur, applying the precautionary principle. There were 220 earthquakes in a 500km radius around Tarapur Station during the hydrological years 1973 to 2013, 95% of which were within 220 to 256 km of Tarapur Nuclear Power Station(similar distance to the quakes which occur around Fukushima). The power surge due to dams of the world at Tarapur would be about 600000 terawatts, five orders of magnitude more than the entire electrical capacity of the world of 6 terawatts. Considering that the simultaneous, instantaneous, cumulative reservoir content changes of all the dams in the world due to water consumption demands is at present 250 billion cubic meters from instant to instant, which is 1 to 2 percent of the world reservoir capacity, it would be unwise, nay suicidal moorkhapaddhati, to dismiss the threat posed by this ubiquitously occurring dynamics. Modern civilization is committing suicide because of the false foundations on which it is based. The death knell was sounded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1908 when he proclaimed: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Hats off to the sagacity of the civiic administration. Please put pressure on the concerned authorities so that saner councils would prevail. Its best to shut down the negative efficiency infinite cost nukes now as Germany has decided after having one look at Fukushima.

The details of the issue at Tarapur are shown in Table T below:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Major Turbulence hits Singapore Airlines A 380 while landing at Mumbai



People are living in blissful ignorance! Please apply the precautionary principle and analyse the effects the separate parts of modern civilization are having simultaneously, cumulatively on one another. My research shows that a blow of 500000 to 600000 terawatts was imposed by the major turbulence for an instant on the double decker A 380 as it was descending to land at 1645 hrs UTC on 18 October 2014. This turbulence was caused by the instantaneous simultaneous cumulative changes in the water contents behind the world's dams of some 250 billion cubic meters resulting in 250 million kilometers of water pressure surge to appear at the centre of gravity of the water masses behind the dams.This caused surges of water moments to travel through the earth- body and surface waves heating up the earth causing sudden turbulence and other effects like thunderstorms. This is happening from instant to instant not sparing any infrastructure that lies in its path- for example, Fukushima was caused by a great earthquake and tsunami caused by the dams. And so the turbulence pushed the plane down at the rate of 5000 feet in a minute as it traveled just 10 miles descending. See Collaterals of Climate Change by google search. 
The links: 
The details of the power surge of the world's dams as it may have affected the Singapore Airliner are in the Table below:
The time period during which the event of turbulence took place was one of extreme dynamics of the dams which saw several earthquakes in the period. At the location of the airplane a turbulence power input was an impulse surge of 594310 terawatts.

The water dispatch centres and the electricity load despatch centres the world over must send their instant to instant readings of reservoir content changes to a centre like the GDACS which should sum up these simultaneous changes and log them in a processor as a time series in real time simultaneous with the time and descriptions of significant occurrences worldwide. This data should be made available to the public at large in two or three websites.

Friday, October 17, 2014



Re: Embrace China, not USA
By Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Oct 17, 2014 :
Reduction of incomes of the developed countries is necessary to increase our share and this will only be possible if China and India join hands.

In the midst of the suicidal mess that modern civilization(MC) has long proved to be, the author would like us to go ahead in this self destructive MC's economic framework for survival. "There is no softening of stand by
US companies on making investments in Indian nuclear power sector." As if nuclear power sector of MC is worthwhile investment. See the negative efficiency infinite cost future that nuclear power is at The Unacceptable Dangers of Nuclear Energy by google search. 

Hudhud has proved the potential for the 9654 megawatt Kovvada to be melted into several Kovas. The climate change effects that the world's dams have caused is a permanent feature with a growth oriented MC: J&K floods(1 trillion rupees), Vishakapatnam destruction Rs 70000 Cr, Assam Floods... in just 2014!
MC is not the way. A normal way of life is. We must throw overboard almost the whole of MC, if the West is to meet the East, said the Mahatma. But he also said that the West can meet the East if the East embraces MC. But that will be an armed truce. The arm twisting that China is indulging in with regard to that most important commodity of MC-Land is a common factor whichever way we look at in MC. Putting all eggs(desi anda is the only healthy stuff)in MC is suicide. What is that talisman called a normal way of life? In one word, it is called Return! The magic is production, consumption and return! MC: Production, consumptive consumption and non-returnable wastes! The millennium long survival mantra of normality is Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

Mining versus Return
MC is a parallel economy of looting the earth, parallel to nature whose maxim is the survival strategy of return on a finite planet. We will be losing all our precious microscopic forests to the great DMC: Develop in MC into paupers by surrendering precious land to MC's growth into zero! Land on which nature did its magic of production, consumption and return, using soil, air and water and the sun on the land: Not sun only, or rain only or wind only or electricity only by mining ores from the earth endlessly. If you work in harmony with nature, it is infinite efficiency, zero cost happiness of all life for all time! Without any inputs of fuel and therefore at infinite efficiency, you run living day in and day out with the sun! Refrain: Return of all is the mantra of normality.Abandon MC or perish! Look at Germany as an example for study, not necessarily for a xerox: She is phasing out 20000 MW of nukes.And looking fondly at the sun. We should not waste our living energy including the growth of forests when we applaud the fusion only in the sun!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modern Civilization: It is destroying itself and the world leaders are blinking!

There is a follow up report on this building collapse in Dockyard Road, Mumai on 27 September 2013, in the media today the 25th September 2014. My response: This is typical of a country not yet fit to govern democratically. This is evident from the past fifty years as graphically brought out in the Marathi classic Jhadajhadati by Vishwas Patil(1992). As if to emphasise the ground reality Keerti Ramachandra brought out the English translation A Dirge for the Dammed , 2014, hachetteindia depicting the unchanged state of affairs through the trauma of displaced families. Meanwhile events have overtaken this mess created by modern civilization. The world's dams are creating huge and severe surges of water pressure head changes every instant at their centre of gravity in tune with the sum total of instantaneous demands on the dam contents by man's greedy needs of water. These are repeatedly resulting in gigantic waves similar to Love and Raleigh waves typical of what is ascribed to earthquake triggering by plate tectonics. These are attacking the very structures of modern civilization as witnessed here resulting in instantaneous tragedies. See Collaterals of Climate Change by googling.Watch out, the antibiotic fed chicken will come home to roost. Heed the Gita: There is true knowledge, learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate, the one Inseparable. To get an idea of the surge that hit the building on that fateful day calculation by me shows the twisting moment on the foundation by the world dam content change of 203 BCM was equivalent to a great earthquake's magnitude of 8.5 MM(See Table).

Unchanged over the years, the MOEF is complicit in ignoring this suicidal aspect of the glaring lacuna of modern civilization in meeting our water needs. What are MOEF's comments?

Sunday, September 7, 2014



What a mess this modern civilization is creating! Specializations have become obsolete! All designs beyond the design basis envelope. If there are any organisations which can deliver prevention measures on an emergency footing they are the leaders of the nations of the world backed to the hilt by the support of the respective governments on a decentralised basis taking the help of the people in cooperatives of,by and for the people starting from the mohallas. Come on have a heart and realise the worth of plants as saviours of all life for all time. See the infinite superiority of the trees and other veg compared to dams which are stupidly engineered specialist deforesters and  slaves of gravity. Reforest Mother Earth to Live! Fund the ecologically based rejuvenation of the world by tree planting, nursing, protecting  measures putting people in the forefront. Thats the way to avoid the recurring climate change phenomena created by modern civilization! Then happiness of all life will drive the way of life from negative efficiency and infinite costs to infinite efficiency and zero costs. Get the message from earthquakes caused by dams by google search and Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs. Get the truth based Harikatha from the Complete Profile of Ramaswami Ashok Kumar by googling.
See this historical account of Jammu and Kashmir devastating floods through the years of modern civilization when the Briitish destroyed our forests from 1700 or onwards: