Tuesday, July 12, 2016


No solution to floods? The specialist in modern civilization is
oblivious to the obvious solution: Trees! Trees are smart enough
to allow water to fly defying gravity like all living beings do!
Look at the India Meterological Department(IMD) data and get to know
how to use it smartly. From fundamental physiological properties
of plants, it follows that a tree transpires its own weight of water
in a day. At 10 kg/sq.m dry biomass weight, in 41 days from June 1,
the transpiration by the sucking action of the sun on a square meter
of land amounts to 0.41 cubic meters. The IMD data for cumulative
rainfall till 11 July 2016 is 267.7 mm. On a square meter of India, the
cumulative rain till 11th July is 0.2677 cubic meters! So the solution
for floods and droughts is NOT DAMS but ecological reforestation using
people's cooperatives for the next millennia, A la Ashoka! See
collaterals of climate change: THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: TREES FOR DAMS.
The link:

R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E.,Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Dombivli Chemical Factory Blast and the World's Dams: A connect modern civilization's specialists are blind to!


A dam surge wave some 2 million times the world electrical capacity of
6 terawatts struck the factory for some 33 milliseconds(estimated) at around
10 hours local time(India Today TV Channel) caused by a worldwide dam content change of 112 BCM causing the blast and fire which saw 3 dead and 85 injured. This analysis is done applying the precautionary principle because of the uncertainties involved. This dams surge wave was passing from an earthquake in Simi Valley California to an earthquake in Semisopochnoi Island in Alaska when it passed through the factory. This brings into sharp relief once again the deadly consequences of modern civilization through its designs to meet water and other needs. In 1908 Mahatma Gandhi gave a warning: Given enough time, modern civilization will destroy itself. The solution is to discard modern ways and adopt a normal way of life based on truth. See Collaterals of Climate Change/R. Ashok Kumar.
Vriksha samrakshan Vishwasamrakshan. Trees for Dams! Realise that your most important priority is to reforest ecologically our planet for the next millennia involving people. 

If as this newsreport suggests the blast occurred at around 11:30 AM local time or 6 AM UTC,  the earthquakes to be considered are
2016-05-26   06:06:14.08hr 34min ago6.82 N  73.12 W  1533.3 NORTHERN COLOMBIA

2016-05-26   06:36:49.18hr 05min ago50.18 N  1.11 E  03.0 FRANCE

and the results of the analysis are unaltered.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Re: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/524813/cm-leaves-midway-water-protests.html

It is pathetic that these veterans of modern civilization are such a miserable failure! At 40 kg/sq.meter dry biomass density of trees of local varieties, Chikkaballapur district if it wished can boast of groundwater recharge capacity of 30 billion cubic meters per year on 50% of its area of 4244 sq km. Thus this will ensure with 100% certainty groundwater of 50000 cubic meters per year for drinking at 40 liters per day per head surely? What are the authorities blinking at? And 30 billion cubic meters per year of groundwater would be available for other uses. See COLLATERALS OF CLIMATE CHANGE:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

River interlinking schemes- The modern and the normal

"... the 'Indian Rivers Inter-link' was proposed with an aim to link Indian rivers by a network of reservoirs and canals to reduce persistent floods in some parts and water shortages in other parts of the country."

The present state is a great abundance of the concrete jungle on drains and lakes-witness Chennai,Bangalore etc. We must examine the infinitely superior way of interlinking rivers and in fact basins with ecological forestation with people's cooperatives. For this one must subsume within one's true knowledge base the superior physiological properties of plants. See Thinking Outside the Box-Trees for Dams at
One must study how the gigantic pumping action of the sun using the osmosis and transpiration powers of plants redistributes the groundwaters via an atmospheric distribution network AUTOMATICALLY in proportion to the density of vegetation, given the highly disordered development which the present modern civilization's self destructive ways cause. The tree was created by the Lord just for this purpose so dams together with other contraptions of modern civilization(MC) dont go on a cumulative destruction of MC itself, like quakes which dams of the world cause to result in the extinction breeders like Fukushima which is expected to cause an excess of  330 million Indian infant deaths. Link rivers via nature or perish ye people rooted in MC

And now this:
Re: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kenbetwa-project-a-threat-to-wildlife/article8710664.ece?homepage=true

The average happiness created by the dams of the world is zero: They are extinction breeders. Replace them with forests. 

"Proponents of the project, led by the
Union Water Ministry, say that the proposed Daudhan dam and the 2.5 km
canal — the key structures of the project — that will transfer surplus
water from the Uttar Pradesh section of the Ken to the Betwa in Madhya
Pradesh are critical to irrigate nearly 7,00,000 hectares in
drought-ravaged Bundelkhand."
This is a waste of money and does not serve any purpose. See
Perfect Designs: The average happiness created by the dams of the world is zero:
They are extinction breeders. Replace them with forests.
But what foolishness to create more irrigation in droughty Bundelkhand when you
waste every year 60 million tons of fruits and vegetables? Grown on 6 million hectares? Repeat: Grown on 6 million hectares!
Have a holistic approach to governance, consult Piyushji - Power and engineers and
entrepreneurs working on creating air conditioned storage for fruits using
no electricity: Use solar energy in vapour absorption chilling systems! Learn from the Chinese tycoon(See Ref Chinese tycoon). Integrate this
with a national plan to convert air conditioning from electricity guzzling
catastrophe of extinction breeding machines like those in use in this self
destructive development of modern civilization. Redistribute these saved fruits among the Bundelkhandies and other parts of India and simultaneously reforest the whole of India and the world(May involve more travel sprees for Modiji). Think outside the box:
Trees for Dams! Allow the water to fly like God does when he moves through the trees to make the woodlands green! Learn from the teachings of the Gita.
Have some democratic practice replace these presumptive specialist governance!
Have referendum on development. Modiji please have a heart.
Forests should not be destroyed, not even for a good reason, dams are hell of a bad evil. Stop this mal-development. 6 million hectares wasted and catastrophe of dams to create 700000 hectares of irrigation?

Prevention is better than NO CURE! See what Ref on foodgrains observes very very pertinently:

Every year we spend crores of rupees out of public exchequer for preventing decay—but to no avail—and then spend a fortune again to dispose of the piled up waste. We would rather not produce the crop in the first place as production takes a toll not only on the natural resources like soil and water but also impacts environment because of green house emissions. On the other hand, we could produce other crops like pulses, which we import very often. The Prime Minister recently appealed to the farmers to grow pulses on part of their land. But such appeals in all likelihood will go unheeded as long as distorted incentives to produce cereals—wheat and rice—continue.




On fruits and vegetables:


On Area and Production of Different Fruit Crops


On foodgrains:


On the Chinese tycoon:



R. Ashok Kumar, Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Redesign living so no squandering of fossil fuel at ten percent efficiency occurs


90 percent of the fuel used is wasted in crawling at a kilometre per hour!

Apte's below is an apt summary of how to go about for the All India situation.
To give a perspective of the All India pollution from coal fired stations
compared with All India vehicular pollution: Annual figures: Of the 430 million tons of coal used to generate 860 billion units of electricity with a monitored capacity of 164752 MW,143 million tons of coal are lost in 33.3% transmission and distribution losses! Of the remaining 287 million tons of coal delivered as electricity, 224 million tons are lost in inefficiency! Thus only 63 million tons(14.65%) of coal appears as electricity usefully converted as final delivered goods and services or 367 million tons of the 430 million tons are burnt without utility in the air contaminating life! A 1000 MW coal fired plant is equivalent to the pollution of 300000 motor vehicles
and thus the 164752 MW of coal fired stations emit the equivalent of 50 million motor vehicles.
For comparison, the number of motor vehicles on Indian roads today is 20 million! The health of all life is affected by both the coal fired stations and the motor vehicles which crawl at ten percent efficiency wasting 90% of the fossil fuel input to them.
Dont jump to say go for nukes. Nukes give negative energy to society outside the nuclear industry apart from causing 330 million Indian infant deaths estimated just due to the March 2011 triple core melt of Fukushima's 2820 MW nukes caused by the surges of the World's dams resulting in a great 9 MM magnitude damquake!

But see how dams caused the Fukushima earthquake at
The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change at
And these same dams stabilize the grid because of based loaded thermal and nuke stations.
This is the suicidal destructive power of modern civilization in action foreseen by Mahatma Gandhi in 1908.


(1) All metro cities and even other cities have high pollution levels
and all need to have in place rules which regulate entry of vehicles. One can
understand why our apex Court is concerned about air quality of Delhi capital
region. (2) Considering high pollution, it
is time we take steps not only in Delhi but in all metro cities to reduce
pollution levels. There is clear case for restricting use of all vehicles, all
vehicles and not just diesel-run vehicles. In many cities like London entry of
vehicles especially cars in business districts is either banned or there is a
congestion fee which is substantial. May be that our car users have to get
mentally ready for such a ban or for paying a heavy congestion fee? But it is also
time we upgrade our public transport, make it efficient and then consider
restricting use of vehicles. (3) It is high time concerned State governments
take steps to reduce pollution levels in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune etc. The Supreme Court cannot be expected to interfere in matters which are essentially which the executive is supposed to handle.